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Organofunctional Silanes

Evonik has developed a range of Silanes helping to reach higher performance to adhesives and sealants and brings excellent substrate adhesion, mechanical strength, storage stability, chemical resistance among many other benefits.

Dynasylan®: a multi-purpose technology

Organofunctional Silanes exhibit a bridge-building property which is particularly important in 5 fields: 


How is it possible?

Organofunctional silanes are silicon-based chemicals containing two groups, inorganic and organic, in the same molecule:

  • Alkoxy groups (hydrolysable) such as methoxy-, ethoxy-, etc .
  • Organo-functional group, such as amino-, epoxy-, vinyl-,etc .

These two groups exhibit different reactivity and allow sequential reaction.

Most of the Silanes act as a bridge between organic and organic/inorganic components.

The function and molecular (chemical) nature of the organic polymer will determine the choice of Silane. And the dosage is specific for each formulation.

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Case Studies from Organofunctional Silanes

Formulate green adhesives & sealants with broad adhesion performance in difficult conditions thanks to Dynasylan® 1146

Thanks to Dynasylan® 1146, formulators can develop Adhesives & Sealants with outstanding adhesion performance and an important water-repellent effect. It also allows formulating environmentally friendly and safe Adhesives or Sealants.It is particularly suitable for Construction, Parquet applications and Transportation.


Formulate highly flexible and durable SMP-based Adhesives & Sealants thanks to Dynasylan® 1189 Aminosilane

Dynasylan® 1189 is an accompanied adhesion promoter for moisture curable SMP-based adhesives and sealants. When exposed to moisture and incorporated into the final siloxane network, Dynasylan® 1189 exhibits specifically high flexibilities. Further important side effects of formulating Dynasylan® 1189 are better chemical and moisture resistance of the finished products.


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