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Hotmelt adhesives are thermoplastics that are applied in a molten state and form a bond on cooling to a solid state. The two important physical properties are: glass transition temperature and melt temperature, varying significantly depending on the type of base polymer used and the additives or modifiers present in the formulation. Major application areas include shoe, automotive, packaging, electrical / electronic, and woodworking.   

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Johan Goris

Wednesday Apr 26, 2017

By Johan Goris

Save time by knowing how to efficiently select the right wax (resin-polymer compatibility) for your hot melts depending on your application by mapping chemistry with best application fit. Influence...

Edward Petrie

Tuesday Jun 13, 2017

By Edward Petrie

Identify areas of opportunity for new adhesives (laminating, heat-seal, pressure sensitive...) for flexible packaging and apply optimal practices to meet the fast evolving performance demands and...

Edward Petrie

Tuesday Nov 22, 2016

By Edward Petrie

Learn how specific properties are built into reactive hot melt adhesives.  Successful strategies involving moisture curing hot melt adhesive base polymers, blends, additives, and the latest...

Edward Petrie

Tuesday Feb 23, 2016

By Edward Petrie

Review valid solutions to reduce cost of your hot melt adhesives while preserving wetting, adhesion, shear, peel, tack… Successful strategies involving base polymers blends, tackifier alternatives...

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