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Literally, a Sealant is a viscous material which becomes solid after application. The main uses of a sealant are either to form a protection barrier, to seal two substrates together, or to fill gaps or holes. Basically this is a material which has the adhesive and cohesive properties to form a seal. Main market applications are building and construction, transportation and Do-It-Yourself. Main types: Elastic sealants have high recovery (over 70%), Plastic sealants display only slight or no recovery at all (up to 20%) and Elasto-plastic and plasto-elastic sealants with properties in between.

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Feb 28, 2017 | Industry News

PPG’s Non-chromate Corrosion-inhibiting Aerospace Sealants at Avalon 2017

PPG is exhibiting its latest aerospace products and services at the Avalon 2017 and presenting PRC® and PRO-SEAL™ aerospace sealants. The products provide faster cure to reduce application cycle...

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Feb 10, 2017 | Industry News

Nexeo Solutions and Wanhua Expand Partnership for Aliphatic Diisocyanates

Nexeo Solutions and Wanhua Chemical have expanded their partnership to include the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions on ADI (Aliphatic Diisocyanates) for durable coatings, adhesives, sealants...

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Feb 2, 2017 | Product News

WACKER at ECS 2017: to Present New VINNAPAS® 760 ED Dispersion for Sealing Slurries

WACKER will showcase a new polymeric binder for formulating in two-component cementitious sealing slurries. VINNAPAS® 760 ED is a terpolymer based on vinyl acetate, ethylene and vinyl ester that...

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Jan 31, 2017 | Product News

Master Bond Unveils EP30TC, a 2C Epoxy for Potting & Sealing Applications in Aerospace

Formulated for use in demanding thermal management applications, Master Bond EP30TC is a two component epoxy that contains robust thermally conductive filler with very fine particle sizes. This NASA...

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Jan 24, 2017 | Industry News

FEICA’s New Logo Reflects Dynamic and Innovative Future

FEICA, the Association of the European Adhesive and Sealant Industry, has updated its logo, giving it a fresh new look, and marking the most significant change in the Association’s visual identity...

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Feb 27, 2017 | Industry News

Bond It to Invest Multi-Million Euros at its Elland-based Facility

Bond It has planned to invest an additional £300,000 into infrastructure at its main manufacturing facility in Elland, West Yorkshire. The facility will be used to produce sealants, adhesives and...

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Feb 10, 2017 | Product News

WACKER at ECS 2017: to Present Four Grades of Pyrogenic Silica for Adhesives & Sealants

At the European Coatings Show 2017, WACKER is presenting four specialty grades pyrogenic silica. Applications range from rheology control in high-quality surface coatings, basic systems, adhesives...

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Feb 1, 2017 | Product News

Sika Automotive Unveils SikaBaffle®-230, a Highly-expandable Elastomeric Tape for Sealing Applications

Sika Automotive expands its product portfolio with SikaBaffle®-230, a rubber-based, highly-expandable elastomeric tape for sealing and acoustic treatments in the automotive body shop. Its reduced...

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Jan 27, 2017 | Product News

WACKER at ECS 2017: to Unveil Silane-terminated Polymers for Adhesives and Sealants

WACKER will be unveiling two new silane-terminated polymers: GENIOSIL® XM 20 and GENIOSIL® XM 25. They can be used as binders in adhesives and sealants, where they can modify the mechanical...

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Jan 16, 2017 | Industry News

Klöckner Pentaplast to Present Mono PET-based Technology at CFIA

Klöckner Pentaplast will participate at CFIA and present APET++. It is a mono PET-based technology for food products and offers improved sealing properties. It also offers excellent transparency...

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