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Literally, a Sealant is a viscous material which becomes solid after application. The main uses of a sealant are either to form a protection barrier, to seal two substrates together, or to fill gaps or holes. Basically this is a material which has the adhesive and cohesive properties to form a seal. Main market applications are building and construction, transportation and Do-It-Yourself. Main types: Elastic sealants have high recovery (over 70%), Plastic sealants display only slight or no recovery at all (up to 20%) and Elasto-plastic and plasto-elastic sealants with properties in between.

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Feb 21, 2003 | Industry News

Haemacure obtains U.S. patent for a Fibrin-based Biomaterial Adhesive

Corporation Haemacure announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted the Corporation patent no. 6,503,527, entitled "Fibrin sealants or adhesives comprising a hyaluronic...

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Jan 28, 2003 | Industry News

Liquid control introduces work cell for filter potting/sealing

Liquid control has introduced a work cell for filter potting/sealing: the Decker DL with C-530 continuous path motion platform is used in the potting of HEPA and other filter assemblies...

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Dec 24, 2002 | Industry News

ConProTec announces dispending system for two-component adhesives

ConProTec Inc. announces the availability of its MIXPAC hand-held adhesive dispensing system for two-component adhesives. The system consists of a manual or pneumatic dispensing gun, a cartridge and...

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Dec 18, 2002 | Article

The Ravages of the Environment

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Dec 4, 2002 | Industry News

ECCO announces crosslinking agent

Eastern Color & Chemical Co. has introduced a crosslinking agent for waterborne urethanes, acrylics, other self-crosslinkable resins and fluoropolymers. Coatings, inks, adhesives, sealers, and water...

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Feb 17, 2003 | Industry News

Zeon commercializes High-Performance TPV - Zeotherm

Zeon Chemicals L.P. (Zeon) announced the commercialization of Zeotherm™ TPVs, a new family of high-performance, heat and oil resistant thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs) capable of withstanding...

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Dec 26, 2002 | Industry News

Multibase develops high performance TPEs

Multibase, a Dow Corning company, claims that it has developed a new category of high performance TPEs. TPSiV™ high performance thermoplastic elastomers are particularly suited for select...

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Dec 18, 2002 | Article

Formulating Adhesives and Sealants for UV Resistance

The increased use of adhesives and sealants in outdoor environments has created a need for better understanding and protection of these materials. Environmental factors, such as those shown below...

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Dec 11, 2002 | Article

The Use of Silanes in Sealants - Part II

Silanes are a group of specialty organofunctional compounds that possess dual reactivity. They can be used as additives, primers, and co-monomers in sealant applications. The silanes react...

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Dec 4, 2002 | Article

Sealant Classifications

By Edward Petrie

The methods by which sealants are classified are somewhat similar to adhesives, but specific methods of classification have been developed over the years within the sealant industry. These...

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