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Mar 1, 2017 | Product News

Chemtura at ECS 2017: to Present Urethane Dispersions for Adhesives & Sealants

At the European Coatings Show, Chemtura will be featuring its low monomer urethanes, prepolymers, sealants and additives. It will demonstrate how it has become a leading manufacturer of specialty...

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Feb 23, 2017 | Product News

Emery Oleochemicals Offers EMEROX® Azelaic Acid, a Substitute to Sebacic Acid

Emery Oleochemicals has announced its EMEROX® Azelaic Acid as an alternative to sebacic acid. EMEROX. It is used in polyamide hot melts and low temperature and polymeric plasticizers. Azelaic Acid...

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Feb 21, 2017 | Product News

Master Bond Develops Low Viscosity Epoxy for Potting and Encapsulation

Master Bond has developed EP30LP-2, a two component epoxy with a low viscosity and a volume resistivity of over 1014 ohm-cm, making it well suited for potting and encapsulation applications. This...

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Feb 14, 2017 | Product News

Graphene 3D Unveils Range of Electrically Conductive Carbon Epoxies

Graphene 3D has unveiled line of highly electrically conductive carbon epoxies. This line of products will be distributed under the G6-EPOXY trade name. G6-Epoxy resin works in different temperature...

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Feb 10, 2017 | Product News

WACKER at ECS 2017: to Present Four Grades of Pyrogenic Silica for Adhesives & Sealants

At the European Coatings Show 2017, WACKER is presenting four specialty grades pyrogenic silica. Applications range from rheology control in high-quality surface coatings, basic systems, adhesives...

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Feb 27, 2017 | Product News

DAP Presents its New Range of Solvent-based Construction Adhesives

DAP has unveiled DynaGrip®, a complete line of construction adhesives with the latest innovative technologies, including high performance latex, solvent and new cutting-edge hybrid formulas. The...

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Feb 22, 2017 | Product News

Gelest Unveils SIVATE™, an Activated Amine Functional Silane for Epoxy Adhesives

Gelest has unveiled SIVATE™ A610 activated amine functional silane for use as or a primer for high-speed UV-acrylated urethane cure systems, a coupling agent for high speed epoxy adhesive bonding...

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Feb 15, 2017 | Product News

H.B. Fuller - New Active Alignment Adhesives for Camera Module Assembly

H.B. Fuller has introduced Active Alignment (AA) adhesives designed for camera module assembly at IPC APEX EXPO.The products are formulated to offer high UV penetration at short UV exposure times...

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Feb 10, 2017 | Product News

Low-temperature Curing Structural Adhesive by Panacol

Panacol has introduced newly developed structural adhesive Structalit® 8801 T, which cures rapidly at low temperatures. The epoxy adhesive was specially formulated for temperature-sensitive...

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Feb 6, 2017 | Product News

HERMA Presents New Clear-on-Clear Label Adhesive

HERMA has developed 62F, new clear-on-clear label adhesive. The adhesive delivers the no-label look even in challenging conditions, including extreme moisture. Endowed with excellent durability and...

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