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Jun 30, 2003 | Industry News

Dymax offers consistent, high density UV curing

With Dymax Corps' 360 degree UV cures, intensities above 5 watts/cm (squared), are now possible attributing to the new BlueWave 200 spot/ wand curing system fitted with a four-pole light wand that...

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Jun 26, 2003 | Industry News

Huntsman Polyurethanes Book update on a versatile family

A fully revised and updated "The Polyurethanes Book" from Huntsman Polyurethanes features the addition of focus in areas of product stewardship and environmental, health and safety aspects with the...

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Jun 24, 2003 | Industry News

Chartwell International high performance adhesion promoters available

The 515.71 family of low cost, high performance aminofuctional agent adhesion promoters suitable for both water-borne and solvent-borne systems is now available from Chartwell International Inc. at...

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Jun 20, 2003 | Industry News

EFD offers MicroDot dispense valve

The 741MD-SS MicroDot dispense valve from EFD is designed for precision assembly operations where fluid deposits as small as 0.007 inches in diameter are required like in most assembly fluids...

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Jun 18, 2003 | Industry News

BASF acid complex not realised before 2007

BASF and Petrobras agreed not to realize the project to build an acrylic acid complex in Brazil before 2007 because of the slow economic development of the markets for acrylic monomers as well as...

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Jun 27, 2003 | Industry News

U.S. Patent Office grants patent for a method for supplying an aqueous polymer dispersion to a substrate

The United States Patent Office granted the patent 6,465,047 to National Starch and Chemical Company for its application method for aqueous polymer dispersion to a substrate involving an airless...

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Jun 25, 2003 | Industry News

Arizona Chemical expands rosin resin capacity

Arizona Chemical has expanded its capacity to produce dimerized rosin resins at its Port St. Joe, Fla., facility and reintroduced the SYLVAROS PR 140 resin to serve the needs of adhesive, ink...

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Jun 23, 2003 | Industry News

National Starch and Chemical Company and Collano announce joint venture in engineered wood adhesives

National Starch and Chemical Company and Collano have announced an agreement to form a joint venture named Purbond AG, which will specialize in the manufacture and marketing of moisture-curing...

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Jun 20, 2003 | Industry News

New PRESEAL™ compounds simplify manufacture and assembly of EMI RFI gaskets

Premix Thermoplastics, Inc., announced the introduction of PRESEAL™ family of highly conductive, silicone-free thermoplastic elastomers specifically formulated for EMI/RFI gasketing in the...

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Jun 17, 2003 | Industry News

Henkel Loctite offers design guide on needle bonding

Henkel Loctite has introduced the "Needle Bonding Design Guide LT-3720," a 24-page brochure which contains detailed information on adhesive selection, design condirations and etc., appropriate for...

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