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Solving Coating Film Defects Part-2

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Wednesday Oct 11, 2017

Solve faster any of your coatings film defects (craters, pinholes, orange peel...) and learn to prevent them using smart science (less unfocussed trials). 

Jochum Beetsma will help you analyze the root causes of film defects (pigment mobility, solvent separation, gradients in surface tension...) and share practical solutions for each case (more thinking, less trials).

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Presented By:
Jochum Beetsma
Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Advanced

Next Session: Oct 11, 2017
10:00 a.m. (New York City)
4:00 p.m. (Paris)

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Why should you attend?

Cratering, pinholing, crawling, floating… With a trial & error approach, any film defects has the power to waste your time! Take cratering and crawling: they look alike but do not call for the same solution! Join this course and:

  1. Resolve your film defects faster by identifying correctly the one you have to solve (cratering, pinholing, crawling, floating...) & its root causes

  2. Learn to prevent film defects by well applying physical chemistry principles (Gibbs energy, surface tension...)

  3. Develop simpler, more cost-effective formulations by avoiding the multiplication of unnecessary additives in your paint or ink system
Solving Film Defect

Who should attend?

Coatings and Inks formulators / developers with a need to solve & prevent coatings film defects faster by better applying science behind film defects.

Course Outline

The following sections will be covered during part 1 & part 2 sessions.

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  1. Basic Physical Chemistry behind the Film Defects:
    Part 1:
    • Gibbs energy
    • Surface tension
    • Wetting
    • Capillary pressure

    • Surface tension
    • Wetting
    • Surface Tension Gradient Driven Flow

  2. Coating Film Defects: Characterization, Root causes & Solutions
    Part 1:
    • Surface Tension Gradient Driven Flow
    • Levelling
    • Crawling
    • Cratering
    • Orange peel

    • Floating
    • Hammer finish
    • Flooding
    • Picture framing
    • Poor edge coverage
    • Pinholing
    • Popping
    • Foam
    • Stresses

  3. Exercises with Real Life Case (to be answered in Part 2)
    • Marangoni Effect
    • Wetting Agent in Water-based Paint
    • Coating of Plastics
    • Orange Peel in Powder Coating
    • Matt Coatings
    • Matt 2-Component paint
    • Anti-Corrosive Primer for Steel
    • Loss of Adhesion

  • Each part will contain 30mins Q&A session- Ask your questions directly from the expert!
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    Members Reviews

    This course was very useful to understand why defects occur and what way to try to solve them.

    Hong X. , from Cardolite Corporation

    Excellent course! Simple, sound and clear advice. Hint on how to solve some cases I face.

    Francis M. , from SEPAD

    Very good fundamental review with some specific examples.

    Tryg J. , from Carestream

    This course connects experimental results and observations with the underlying physical science and principles governing coating defects. This is the best discussion of surface energy and surface wetting/dewetting that I have heard.

    Chad K. , from Lexmark International

    Good explanation of the physico-chemical phenomenas of different film defects.

    Joel R. , from Folien Fischer AG

    Jochum Beetsma gave very good link between defects and physical chemistry

    Subrahmanya S. , from Asian Paints Ltd.

    The course helped improve my understanding of the cause of coating defects, and has equiped me with the tools to analyse and resolve these problems.

    Christopher J. , from International Paint/Akzonobel

    I gained a better understanding of "cratering" vs "orange peel" I am looking forward to Part 2, to determine the difference between cratering vs. pinholes. and the difference between "hammer finish" vs. "orange peel".

    Gerry G. , from Albany International

    Gave a good insight into some relevant surface issues we are currently having.

    Ian M. , from Verdex Ltd.

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