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Physical Chemistry for a Good Start in Problem Solving

Accelerate your problem solving by knowing the few physical-chemistry concepts that are behind most issues when formulating, storing and applying coatings and inks. Applied example on pigment...


US Food Contact Regulation: Easier Compliance for Adhesives & Coatings

Shorten your go-to-market cycles for your adhesives and coatings when checking for food contact approval & get guidance to upgrade your R&D practices for faster compliance: substances selection...


Contact Angle: Decisive Surface Data from a Single Test

Extract decisive information on surface roughness, uniformity of treatment, release agents residues, weak boundary layers, wettability, printability, over treatment… by properly running contact...


Natural Fibers - Compounding Best Practices

Reach faster optimal level of performance with your natural fibers by fine-tuning your compounding practices and solving natural fibers limitations with practical tips on pelletizing, screw speed...


Solvent Optimization in Industrial Coatings

Optimize your solvent selection for your industrial coatings while meeting regulation and safety requirements. Key parameters (Hansen parameters, solvent evaporation profile...) for good decision...


Carbon Nanotubes: Mapping Opportunities for Commercial Adhesives

Get a clear view on the real benefits offered by Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) in commercial adhesives formulations. Save days of technology assessment… experienced formulator Seamas Grant made it for you!...


Bioplastic Tour: 2015 Innovations & Trends (10th Edition)

Thanks to a structured review of all that happened in 2015 with Bioplastics (latest materials, manufacturing & application innovations), get up-to-date on current landscape & future trends...


Maximizing Moisture Resistance in Structural Epoxy and Polyurethane Adhesives

Maximize moisture resistance of your structural epoxy and polyurethane adhesives by reviewing new raw materials and best strategies that will impact moisture resistance without lowering other...


US Food Contact Regulation: Good R&D Practices for Easier Compliance

Structure your knowledge on FDA regulation regarding food contact materials & get guidance to upgrade your regular R&D practices for faster compliance: substances selection, contact conditions, cost...


Heat and Cold Seal Adhesive Coatings for Packaging

Size down the number of adhesive candidate formulations by understanding which chemistry (ethylene vinyl acetate, polyurethane...) and additives (tackifiers, plasticizers...) will best meet your...


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