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Polymeric Adhesive Matrix with Salified Carboxylic Groups for Transdermal Use

Application Date:
Oct 9, 2014
USPTO Patent:
US 14243011

An electrically conductive adhesive is disclosed for bonding anode and cathode flow field plates together for use in fuel cells. The adhesive formulation comprises epoxy methacrylate resin and non-fibrous carbon par...

Daniel Ramrus, Vancouver (CA)
Marek Gnatowski, Coquitlam (CA)
Mathew Leung, Burnaby (CA)
Grace Sun, Richmond (CA)
International Classification:
H01M 8/02 (20141009); C09J 9/02 (20141009)
US Classification:
429/479; 429/507; 429/535; 252/511


What is claimed is:

1. An electrically conductive adhesive for bonding an anode flow field plate and a cathode flow field plate together to form a bipolar plate assembly for a fuel cell, the adhesive comprising: epoxy methacrylate resin in an amount ranging from about 3 to 70% by weight;styrene in an amount ranging from...



1. Field of the Invention

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