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Urethane Adhesive Composition

Application Date:
May 11, 2017
USPTO Patent:
US 15322998

A urethane adhesive composition of the present technology contains: a urethane prepolymer having isocyanate groups; and a monosulfide compound which has a monosulfide bond and a hydrolyzable silyl group and in which...

Yuichi Matsuki, Hiratsuka-shi, Kanagawa (JP)
Megumi Abe, Hiratsuka-shi, Kanagawa (JP)
Yoriyoshi Yoneyama, Hiratsuka-shi, Kanagawa (JP)
International Classification:
C09J 175/04 (20170511)


What is claimed is:

1. A urethane adhesive composition including: a urethane prepolymer having isocyanate groups; anda monosulfide compound having a monosulfide bond and a hydrolyzable silyl group, the monosulfide bond being bonded to a silicon atom contained in the hydrolyzable silyl group.



The present technology relates to a urethane adhesive composition.

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