The Universal Selection Source: Adhesives Ingredients

How to select raw materials smarter and faster for your Adhesives & Sealants formulations? Renowned experts in the field have designed these Selection Guides to assist you further in your selection according to your applications. In this section, we also provide you with Technology Profiles, states of the art of the main raw materials used in Adhesives & Sealants.

Selection Guide

Hot Melt Adhesive Formulation for Hygiene Applications

By Edward M. Petrie

This selection guide will focus on formulation of hot melt adhesives for use in a range of disposable hygiene products. It will identify the basic requirements of the adhesive, recognize the major components in the hot melt composition, and provide examples of starting formulations. Future trends in hygienic adhesive development will also be recognized.

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Online Course

Edward M. Petrie
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Thursday Mar 30 2017

By Edward M. Petrie

Avoid premature bond failure when bonding dissimilar materials (LSE plastics, metal, composites, ceramics…) by learning how to efficiently manage the problem of internal stress and cure shrinkage.

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