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Silane Modified Polymers (SMP): An Alternative to PU Polymers

Vladimyr Wolan – Apr 21, 2017

Silane Modified Polymers: An Alternative to PU PolymersPolyurethane polymers are very successful products used in the adhesive, sealants and paint industries. The hydrogen bonds present in PU bond add strength to the polymer matrix and are able to reform during sealant elongation. They also form a bond with a plasticizer for good adhesion to the surface.

However, the unreacted isocyanate groups in uncured PU sealants and adhesives are very reactive and harmful to humans in various forms.

Fortunately, chemists have developed a very good polymer design where, the nasty NCO group is eliminated, by a silane molecule. It’s a new polymer class that formulators of sealant and membranes need to be aware of.

Read on to know more about silane-modified polymers.

9 Comments on "Silane Modified Polymers (SMP): An Alternative to PU Polymers"
vladimyr W May 23, 2017
Dear Roberto, these issues are known and formulation methods and additives are used to minimise the alkali and UV attack on SMP Polymers, which also affects most organic polymers. High catalyst levels in some of these formulations is a cause for UV attack, as are the commonly used PU polymers. The trimethoxy silane terminated polymers, as well as the alpha silane Polymers use very little or no catalyst and have excellent exterior performance .
roberto m May 20, 2017
SMP, nucleophilic attack of silicon and depolymerization phenomena in sealants and adhesives. These phenomena have caused controversy, civil and criminal cases like windscreens that are detached while the car is traveling. Many sealants manufactured with the famous raw mnaterials "genio-sil" (or somethings like that, an smp technology, and other famous brands) have depolymerized after few month or and 5 years after exposure at outdoor environment or on alkaline substrates such as portland cement. So, an elastic and tough elastomer turns into a plastic and sticky gum similar to a chewing gum. The problem arises, even when the indication of the raw material producer is respected. I think that we must pay attention to the problems of nucleophilic attack of silicon and act with specific molecules to cancel this depolymerization effect. It is sufficient to add from 0.5 to 1% of specific molecules.
vladimyr W May 10, 2017
Dear Vinod wear on your rollers can be reduced by applying a softer coating that is more elastic.
vladimyr W May 5, 2017
Gentleman, the costs of the STP Polymers are reducing with time, The benefits of not priming most surfaces is a great benefit.
Bram S May 4, 2017
@Peter P: Yes, they are overpaintable. Costs do depend on formulation / intended use.
vinod S May 4, 2017
we are using PU material for wheel and rollers of machine but wear life is very less. so please suggest Can We use this material for wheels and roller of machine vinod sharma
Peter P May 3, 2017
Appears to be an all round winner! Can silyl-modified sealants be over-painted as PU sealants are in automotive applications? Are costs similar to those of PU polymeric sealants?
RAGHAVA R Apr 29, 2017
i am paint water base products latest teknal suport reqived
RAGHAVA R Apr 29, 2017
silant modified polymers(smp);alternative to pu polymers

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