About SpecialChem

SpecialChem accelerates Technology and Business Development in Chemicals and Materials.

Since the year 2000, our teams of industry experts have created the world's largest online professional network dedicated to chemicals and materials. This network includes more than 500,000 engineers, formulators, product developers, marketers, applicators and brand owners across the globe. Through our vertical industry websites, these professionals have unlimited access to content and services dedicated to Product Selection, Innovation Watch, Training and Education (Online Courses) and Open Innovation.

Our network of profiled members plus the visits of more than 3.2 million professionals per year to our websites are unique assets:

What we believe in

  • We believe that a huge number of innovations in chemicals and materials have never seen the day and are sleeping in labs because they failed to meet the right customers or the adequate development partners.
  • We believe that it is not the lack of R&D funds nor the lack of scientific expertise that limit innovation the most, but the limited market connects of technology holders and the absence of efficient connection processes between technology holders and consumer goods manufacturers.
  • We believe that we are all responsible for innovation: as customers to express our needs as clearly as possible, and as technology holders to listen carefully to what the end-markets need.
  • We are convinced that innovation in chemicals comes today from a better understanding of the end-market needs by people in charge of innovation on the suppliers' side
  • We believe that Innovation comes from good R&D but also superior marketing.
  • We believe that on-line networks are of incredible power, when coupled with solid marketing and R&D skills, to unlock the innovation potential of chemical & materials technologies.

SpecialChem cover 4 major Industries with 6 Web sites

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