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Evonik has developed a range of Silanes helping to reach higher performance to adhesives and sealants and brings excellent substrate adhesion, mechanical strength, storage stability, chemical resistance among many other benefits.

Dynasylan® Silanes

The use of Silanes has been a big step forward in the Adhesives and Sealants industry. They have helped to replace sophisticated and expensive process such as screwing, welding or riveting by Adhesives or Sealants.

In addition, thanks to Silanes, Adhesives and Sealants reach high performance even when exposed to moisture or applied to difficult-to-bond surfaces. Organofunctional Dynasylan® Silanes contribute to improve adhesion and increase chemical and temperature resistance among others benefits.

Dynasylan® is a comprehensive range of Silanes that can fulfill Adhesives and Sealants formulators requirements for various end-applications and systems:

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VPS SIVO 260 is an organofunctional silane oligomer. Leads to adequate adhesive cure and imparts additional flexibility and hydrophobicity. Exhibits excellent wetting on substrates and forms weather- and moisture-resistant bonds to substrates which are partially difficult to adhere.
Dynasylan® VTMOEO by Evonik is vinyltris(2methoxyethoxy) silane. It is a bifunctional organosilane possessing a reactive vinyl group and a hydrolyzable 2-methoxyethoxysilyl group. The dual nature of its reactivity allows Dynasylan® VTMOEO to bind chemically to both inorganic materials (e.g. glass, metals, fillers) and organic polymers (e.g. thermosets, thermoplastics, elastomers).
Dynasylan® SIVO 203 by Evonik is multifunctional aminosilane. Exhibits excellent wetting on substrates and it forms weather and moisture resistant bonds to substrates which are typically difficult to adhere.
Dynasylan® SIVO 202 by Evonik is a multifunctional aminosilane. Exhibits excellent wetting on substrates and it forms weather and moisture resistant bonds to substrates which are typically difficult to adhere.
Dynasylan® 4148 by Evonik is polythylene glycol-functional alkoxysilane. Helps to control rheological properties and to reduce viscosity in highlyfilled polymer systems, like aluminum trihydroxide filled polyesters or SMC pastes.
Dynasylan® TRIAMO by Evonik is triamino-functional propyltrimethoxysilane. Acts as an adhesion promoter and surface modifier. Is an organofunctional silane possessing three reactive amino groups and a hydrolyzable trimethoxysilyl group.
Dynasylan® 1122 by Evonik is a Bis(3-triethoxysilylpropyl)amine. Provides good flexural strength, tensile strength, impact strength and modulus of elasticity.
Dynasylan® GLYEO by Evonik is 3-Glycidyloxypropyltriethoxysilane. OFfers improved moisture and corrosion resistance and improved electrical properties, for example dielectric constant, volume resistivity.
Dynasylan® 1124 by Evonik is a Bis(trimethoxysilylpropyl)amine.Provides improvement in flexural strength, tensile strength, impact strength, modulus of elasticity, moisture and corrosion resistance.
Dynasylan® VTMO by Evonik is vinyltrimethoxysilane. Acts as a crosslinking agent, adhesion promoter, surface modifier and moisture scavenger. Provides improvement in tear- and crack resistance, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and memory effect.
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Case Studies from Organofunctional Silanes

Formulate transparent SMP-based adhesives & sealants

Many formulators are facing significant challenges when formulating transparent SMP-based (silane modified polymers) adhesives and sealants. Next to questions around transparency or rheology (where AEROSIL® fumed silicas play an important role), the subsequent creeping of yellowing of such products during storage or even service lifetime are the key for a successful market entry.

Download this case study to learn more about Evonik's silanes to formulate transparent SMP-based adhesives & sealants with reduced yellowing over time and increased mechanical properties!


Formulate VOC reduced SMP based Adhesives

Adhesion on critical substrates like plastics is a key challenge in the adhesive industry. It comes along with the difficult task to keep other performances like mechanical properties at a suitable level. What if you could go even beyond and get adhesion on critical substrates along with increased mechanical properties and VOC reduction? 

Download the case study to learn more about the solution providing superior adhesion on critical substrates, increased mechanical properties with VOC reduction!


Formulate green adhesives & sealants with broad adhesion performance in difficult conditions thanks to Dynasylan® 1146

Thanks to Dynasylan® 1146, formulators can develop Adhesives & Sealants with outstanding adhesion performance and an important water-repellent effect. It also allows formulating environmentally friendly and safe Adhesives or Sealants.It is particularly suitable for Construction, Parquet applications and Transportation.


Formulate highly flexible and durable SMP-based Adhesives & Sealants thanks to Dynasylan® 1189 Aminosilane

Dynasylan® 1189 is an accompanied adhesion promoter for moisture curable SMP-based adhesives and sealants. When exposed to moisture and incorporated into the final siloxane network, Dynasylan® 1189 exhibits specifically high flexibilities. Further important side effects of formulating Dynasylan® 1189 are better chemical and moisture resistance of the finished products.


Formulate elastic adhesives & sealants with broad adhesion spectrum and reduced yellowing thanks to Dynasylan® SIVO 203

High elastic adhesives and sealants for visible interior and exterior bondings are widely used in the market. Consequently, to limit the discoloration of visible adhesive and sealant joints is crucial for the quality of such products.

With Dynasylan® SIVO 203, formulators can develop Adhesives & Sealants with excellent adhesion performance, high bonding strength, high elasticity and reduced yellowing.



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