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Sasol offers a platform of synthetic waxes with excellent thermal stability, high temperature resistance and a great balance between cohesive and bond strength on one side and flexibility and elongation on the other side. These properties make Sasol’s Fischer-Tropsch suitable for many demanding applications. 

Fischer-Tropsch Waxes for highly demanding applications

Sasol’s Fischer-Tropsch waxes are synthetically produced by using gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology, in which Sasol is globally recognized as a commercial and technical pioneer. The GTL process uses a sustainable feedstock, natural gas, to produce premium Fischer-Tropsch waxes.

What makes Sasol’s Fischer-Tropsch waxes unique?

Sasol’s Fischer-Tropsch waxes have been successfully established in metallocene polyolefin copolymer and EVA-based hot melt adhesive (HMA) formulations. Their crystallinity makes them the perfect choice to control open and set times. Sasol’s Fischer-Tropsch waxes enable the formulator to adjust the viscosity and optimize the rheological behavior of the adhesive formulation. The excellent thermal stability to avoid degradation and high temperature resistance make them suitable for many demanding applications. They can also provide the right balance between cohesive and bond strength on one side and flexibility and elongation on the other side.

The following five unique characteristics of Sasol’s Fischer-Tropsch waxes ensure ideal performance properties in hot melt adhesives:

Low viscosity
  • Excellent processability during adhesive production
  • Excellent substrate wetting
  • High line speed
  • Reduced energy consumption

High congealing point
  • High blocking point
  • Excellent compatibility with polymer and resin
  • Superior heat resistance properties
  • Excellent thermal and colour stability
Low surface energy
  • Excellent substrate wetting

High crystallinity
  • Fast set time
  • Balanced flexibility and elongation properties
  • Good cohesive strength
  • Superb green strength
Linear molecular structure
  • Excellent compatibility with all major groups of polymers and resins
  • Excellent thermal stability
Being highly compatible with typically used resins, EVA and metallocene polyolefin copolymers, Sasol’s Fischer-Tropsch waxes are ideally suited to the requirements of modern hot melt adhesives, particularly in packaging applications.


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