SBC for best-in-class sealants

SEBS and SBS Copolymers are the perfect solution for formulators who want to maximize their sealants performance. Their versatility and thermoplastic character enable an optimization of sealant formulations with other multiple advantages.

SBC for improved Sealants

Use Styrene Block Copolymers’ key benefits to formulate best-in-class Sealants

Styrene Block Copolymers for improved Sealant formulations

Why Styrene Block Copolymers? Because Sealants must guarantee a long-term adhesion, even in harsh environmental conditions!

Arrow Initial sealant adhesion depends on the polymer capacity to "wet" the substrates surfaces. This key feature is modified according to the diblock structure content in the base polymer. When the diblock content of the sealant formula is increased, adhesion can be significantly increased, adhesion can be significantly increased. But at the same time, sealant rheology is modified.

To solve this long-term adhesion challenge, Radial and Linear Hydrogenated Copolymers have been developed to improve Sealant formulations.

Indeed, Styrene Block Copolymers enable to:
Learn more about the best-in-class performances provided by Styrene Block Copolymers to sealants! Click on the pictures below:

Cohesive      Adhesion

Weathering resistance     Rheological performance


Significant cohesion improvement thanks to Styrene Block Copolymers

What's more annoying than low cohesion Sealants?

Arrow A new low viscosity Radial SEBS Copolymer has been developed to improve cohesive strength in sealant formulations. The thermoplastic character of this new Copolymer enables to optimize sealants formulations.  

Improved adhesion on difficult substrates using Styrene Block Copolymers

Take the first step to improving the adhesion of your sealant formulations!

Arrow Styrene Blocks Copolymers have an extended formulation capability for improved adhesion on most of the substrates, even the difficult ones!

They bring a higher adhesion to specific substrates like aluminum, when included in the formula.

This significant advantage enables to extend the use of Styrene Block Copolymers to Building and Construction, Automotive, Aerospace, and DIY applications.


Get a superior weathering resistance of your sealants with Styrene Block Copolymers

Don't let color stability get away!

Arrow Styrene Blocks Copolymers show a superior hydrogenation level. This enables you to develop high performance sealants with superior stability to UV light and ozone attack for a superior weathering resistance to other technologies in the market.

Sealants based on Styrene Block Copolymers have a superior weathering resistance than benchmark products.


Excellent rheological performance with Styrene Block Copolymers

Excellent rheology is a must-have for sealants formulations!

Arrow When the Styrene block Copolymer content is increased in a sealant formula, adhesion is increased, and at the same time, sealant rheology will be significantly improved.

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