Styrene Block Copolymers (SBC) are available for a large variety of hot-melt and solvent-based formulations. Their versatility allows tackifiers, plasticizers, antioxidants, and other additives to be blended when specific balance of performance is sought.

Switch to Styrene Block Copolymers for Tapes & Labels

tapes and labels Several trends are becoming established in the Packaging industry, and many of them are dedicated to pressure sensitive tapes and labels.

Styrene Block Copolymer-based adhesives, as non-pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives, can easily meet the requirements of label and tape applications.

Hot Melt PSA clearly show improvements when Styrene Block copolymers are included in the formulation. They bring:
  • Wide viscosity and cohesive strength control range
  • Lower glass transition temperature (Tg) adhesives for "cold" applications
  • Fast tack development

In addition to this, Hot Melt PSA formulated with Styrene Block Copolymer also show:
  • A similar adhesive performance;
  • But a 20% lower viscosity;
  • And a Faster coatability;
  • No other ingredients modifications needed.

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