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Polyurethane Adhesive
Polyurethane Adhesives are known for toughness and flexibility even at low temperatures. They have fairly good shear strength and excellent water and humidity resistance. One-component polyurethane adhesives consist of isocyanate-containing prepolymers dissolved in a solvent carrier while two-component polyurethanes consist of a polyol component (resin) and an isocyanate component (hardener). Polyurethane adhesives form strong bonds to rubber, plastics, metal, wood, paper, ceramic, and fabrics. Two-component polyurethanes are used for large-surface adhesive bonds, like in in vehicle superstructures.

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Polyurethane Resin for Adhesives & Sealants : Techno Brief

By SpecialChem

Polyurethane resins are used extensively and are well-known for their performance characteristics. Their versatility has allowed them to grab a good market share in footwear, construction, and general manufacturing industries. This techno brief takes into account various polyurethane systems, the types of polyurethane resins, their benefits and limitations and end market applications.

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