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The material selection platform
Adhesives Ingredients

Science-based Formulation

If you’re in search of efficiency, your best move is to let go of trial-and-error and take a step towards science-based predictive models! As industry gets more and more digital, the use of science-based tools and apps is accelerating.

Applications cover the full formulation scope: solvent replacement (creative blends), optimizing compatibility between adhesive and adherend, stabilization of emulsions… and many more!

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Oct 9, 2018 | Article

Replacement of Toxic Solvents in Contact Adhesives Using HSP

By SpecialChem

Through this article, SpecialChem is reporting on the research work done by Catherine P. Barrya, Gregory J. Moroseb, Keith Beginc, Michael Atwaterc, and Christopher J. Hansena on “The...

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Sep 16, 2018 | Article

Exclusive Interview with Dr. Charles Hansen – Inventor of HSP

By Sreeparna Das

Learn how to accelerate innovation & product development in adhesives industry using science-based predictive tool – Hansen Solubility Parameters from the inventor himself – Dr. Charles Hansen...

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Mar 29, 2018 | Article

Predicting Ingredient Compatibility Using HSP in Adhesive Formulations

By Steven Abbott

When an adhesive needs a new solvent blend, or you have to find ways that the components in an adhesive can be optimized to be “happy” together, or you need to find how to match the properties of...

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