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3M at PACK EXPO: Debuts Scotch® Filament Tapes Based on MSR Technology

Published on 2012-10-30. Author : SpecialChem

CHICAGO -- Natural Rubber Adhesives have long been used for oily metal tape applications; however, 3M is challenging the status quo with a new proprietary adhesive formulation debuting in a portfolio of Scotch® High Strength Filament Tapes at PACK EXPO, Booth #N-3319. The new technology, called Modified Synthetic Rubber (MSR) Adhesive offers the same benefits as Natural Rubber Adhesives at a lower overall cost.

According to 3M, Modified Synthetic Rubber Adhesives will provide the industry with a viable alternative to natural rubber, used for metal coil tabbing, splicing and other tape applications involving oily metal surfaces. After a two-minute dwell time, the 3M Modified Synthetic Rubber Adhesive provides up to 50 percent higher adhesion, with continued performance over longer dwell times. In addition, its shear strength is equal to or better than Natural Rubber Adhesives. The new formulation uses synthetic rubber, solvents are eliminated from the adhesive coating process, cutting harmful, volatile organic compounds and decreasing 3M's environmental footprint.

"We are excited to bring the new MSR portfolio of filament tape products to market globally. With volatile raw material prices leading to uncertainty in the marketplace and our commitment to reducing solvent emissions, we put 3M ingenuity and innovation to work," said Chad Henke, global business manager for 3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division.

The Modified Synthetic Rubber Adhesive formulation was designed to meet the performance needed in critical metal applications without compromises. Henke went on to state that Modified Synthetic Rubber Adhesives are ideal for use in metal coil closure and bundling of primary metals such as aluminum, steel and copper during production, metal drawing, rolling and extruding.

"In global customer trials and evaluations, we saw no compromise in performance with the MSR Adhesive. In applications involving certain non-ferrous metals there was no ghosting or adhesive residue upon removal, further strengthening our value proposition to our customers when compared to traditional natural rubber filament tapes," said Henke.

The new portfolio of Scotch® High Strength Filament Tapes featuring Modified Synthetic Rubber Adhesive offers one of the industry's strongest filament tape at 600 lbs./inch tensile strength with its Scotch® High Strength Filament Tape 890MSR that is ideal for heavy gauge materials and available in clear and black. Other products in the portfolio include two fiberglass filament tapes Scotch® Filament Tape 898MSR and 8919MSR for clean removal at 380 lbs./inch, and one polyester filament tape designed for better cut resistance, Scotch® Filament Tape 880MSR at 270 lbs./inch tensile strength.

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Source: 3M

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