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Acculobe™ from Viking Pump provides repeatable flow

Published on 2002-10-02. Author : SpecialChem


The AccuLobe Pump is a compact positive-displacement pump that delivers accurate, repeatable flow in sanitary and industrial applications. It features a five-lobe rotor design with a unique one-piece rotorcase/gearcase. The five-lobe rotors minimize pulsation, while the precise alignment of the one-piece rotorcase/gearcase helps maximize repeatability. The AccuLobe is ideal for pumping shear-sensitive or viscous fluids, and for applications where reproducible flow is necessary, such as metering creams and lotions, vaccines and hormones, dairy and food ingredients, water treatment polymers, and inks and paints. Its front-loading seals allow for simple maintenance and its one-piece rotorcase/gearcase contributes to longer bearing and seal life. The pump is self-draining, yet maintains volumetric efficiency through chamfered cusps around the ports. The pump is also 3A-conforming, and certified according to EDEDG method for in-place cleanability of food processing equipment. Construction is 316L stainless steel for minimized carbon pull out.

For more details: call 319-266-1741, fax 319-273-8157, or e-mail info.viking@idexcorp.com

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