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Accurate Bond Line Inspection With Red Fluorescence Adhesive from Intertronics

Published on 2010-06-18. Author : SpecialChem

High-tech' adhesives specialists Intertronics latest DYMAX product is the 3-20794 - a new, See-Cure, colour-changing adhesive formulated with Ultra-Red™ fluorescing technology. This adhesive is designed for rapid assembling of plastic housings, laminations, and other applications typically used for appliance assembly. The bondable substrates include PC, PET, PS, PU, PVC, and ABS. DYMAX 3-20794 cures in fractions of a second when exposed to high-intensity UV light - enabling faster processing, greater output, and lower assembly costs.

Explained Intertronics M.D. Peter Swanson: "This adhesive is formulated with DYMAX's exclusive See-Cure technology. It starts out bright blue in colour in its uncured state making it easy to see on the surface of substrates, in deep wells, or when sandwiched between two layers of materials. Because the blue colour is extremely visible, simple vision systems can be incorporated into assembly processes prior to curing in order to easily identify adhesive coverage and profile, resulting in greater efficiency and less scrap. But See-Cure's blue colour in 3-20794 is only temporary. The adhesive's blue colour disappears when sufficient light energy has been provided to the adhesive bond area to achieve full cure. As the adhesive cures, the blue colour within the adhesive fades and ultimately turns clear upon full cure."

The Ultra-Red™ fluorescing feature allows this adhesive to be visually detected when exposed to low-intensity black light (365 nm) before and after it has been cured as an additional quality control option. Ultra-Red fluorescing technology formulated into DYMAX UV adhesives provides a vivid contrast that permits accurate bond-line inspection. The red fluorescence does not absorb the same light energy wavelengths as those used to cure the adhesive, resulting in faster and deeper cures when compared with the same adhesives containing blue fluorescence.

Source: Intertronics

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