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"Adhere" "star" product in Araldite® 2000 Plus range

Published on 2008-06-12. Author : SpecialChem

The automotive industry has many characteristics in common with more general assembly processes - one of these is the need for a tough fast curing adhesive requiring minimal surface treatment while offering gap filling characteristics between dissimilar material components.

The people at "adhere" brand from Intertronics recognised the Araldite 2047 as a "Star" performer in this respect when they launched the Araldite 2000 PLUS range last year - and the 2047 has certainly lived up to their expectations.

Araldite 2047 from Intertronics - a "star" performer

Says Intertronics M.D. Peter Swanson: "We are delighted with the performance of this toughened methacrylate - it has an honourable development history as illustrated by the bonding of aluminium framed tram ceiling panels and coated ABS car parts. It is ideal for bonding PMMA, polycarbonate (PC), copper, brass, zinc and galavanised steel. A two-part adhesive, its thixotropy makes it easy to dispense, and it cures quickly. It has very good chemical and water resistance. The application processes and working times match automotive manufacturing criteria so we are delighted to provide our full range of advice and consultancy services around this product."

Araldite 2047 features good adhesive properties on otherwise difficult to bond substrates with high impact resistance over a wide temperature range. These have been important considerations in the bonding of aluminium frames, perforated sheets and edges to form the interior ceiling panel of a tram carriage. These lap joints needed to resist vibration and have high impact strength. Araldite 2047 gives very good adhesion to the aluminium, and cures quickly at room temperature - parts can be handled after 30 minutes. Another advantage was that the parts required minimal pre-treatment, only degreasing with isopropyl alcohol.

Similarly 2047 was ideally suited to bonding of interior car parts, in this case veneered aluminium and chromated ABS. The simple lap joints were prepared by degreasing with isopropyl alcohol, and bonded within 20 minutes at room temperature. The bonded joints pass an aging test in which temperature cycles from -30°C to +80°C, and meet all the criteria for the Daimler Chrysler qualification PB VWL 709. The adhesive also resisted a temperature storage test in which the bonded parts are exposed to 80°C for a period of seven days.

Source: Intertronics

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