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Aquaflex Waterproof Flooring Adhesive Announced by Formulators

Published on 2010-06-02. Author : SpecialChem

Santa Ana, CA -- Aquaflex waterproof flooring adhesive has been introduced by Formulators, Inc. The first waterproof adhesive to solve moisture-related adhesive bond failures in flooring applications, Aquaflex can be used with virtually any floor covering in retail, healthcare, education and commercial facilities.

Unaffected by exposure to moisture, Aquaflex cures tack-free underwater in 30 minutes and resists the effects of underwater immersive cure in saltwater at pH 14. Aquaflex reduces MVER by 30 to 40%, provides a moisture-resistant barrier between concrete slab and flooring substrate, and aids in protecting flooring from subsurface moisture. Pre-installation moisture-test evaluations are not required for its five-year warranty consideration.

Aquaflex is a one-part adhesive that requires no mixing. Designed for use over clean, flat, dust-free concrete surfaces, it is 100% solids, non-flammable, contains no VOCs and is heat and solvent resistant. Once cured, Aquaflex elastomeric properties provide a hard yet semi-flexible secure bond to floor covering and increase the tensile strength of the flooring material. Its fast, yet flexible curing permits extended working time, as well as foot traffic in three hours.

Aquaflex has been proven effective on moisture-related flooring failures. In tests conducted by Certified Floorcovering Consultants LLC, removed flooring areas showed no indication of Aquaflex degradation from elevated moisture or pH attack. No visible moisture was observed either attached to the flooring or on the concrete surface. After 16 days and a pH solution of 12.5 to 13, Aquaflex showed no effects. In addition, Aquaflex was not allowed to cure before submerging the test strips into the test bath.

In other independent tests, Aquaflex was applied and effective in less than one hour, as compared to over 33 hours for two-part epoxy-based sealant moisture-mitigation systems. A professional flooring contractor could thus have 60,000 square feet substantially completed using Aquaflex before epoxy systems are ready to receive flooring materials.

Formulated to meet REACH European environmental standards, CHPS low odor indoor air quality standards and to contribute to LEED credits for low-emitting materials, Aquaflex is warranted not to delaminate due to sub-floor moisture for five years. Under development for over five years, patents are pending for Aquaflex formulation, chemistry and manufacturing equipment.

Source: Formulators, Inc.

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