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Arkema to Minimize GHG Emissions; Aims to Protect Climate

Published on 2015-11-30. Author : SpecialChem

Arkema, alongside 38 other French companies, confirms its commitment to a low-carbon economy, and supports the climate negotiations at the 21st Conference of the Parties with a view to the signing of an ambitious and sustainable global climate agreement.

Fig. 1: Arkema

A designer of materials and innovative solutions, Arkema has been developing for several years a global "low carbon" strategy aimed at minimizing its environmental footprint and providing its customers with sustainable and innovative solutions.

To minimize greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, Arkema is rallying its efforts and undertaking concrete initiatives in order to:

• take action on the energy efficiency of its facilities, in particular through its "Arkenergie®" program which aims to cut by an average of 1.5% per year the Group’s energy bill by 2020;

• conduct industrial projects which have a direct impact on the reduction of CO2 emissions at its customers, with, for instance, fourth generation refrigerant fluorogases for cars and stationary equipment, and specialty molecular sieves used in refining and petrochemical plants;

• place the Group’s research at the service of sustainable development, and provide its customers with innovative solutions which help reduce GHG emissions by cutting energy consumption, by improving thermal insulation, and by reducing the weight of materials used, or which play a role in the development of renewable energies.

These examples illustrate Arkema’s commitment to the fight against climate change. Over the 2016 – 2020 period, Arkema plans to invest some €100 M per year in low-carbon industrial and R&D projects, i.e. 20% on average of the Group’s investment effort.

About Arkema

A global chemical company and one of the leading chemicals producers, Arkema is building the future of the chemical industry every day. Deploying a responsible, innovation-based approach, it produces state-of-the-art specialty chemicals that provide customers with practical solutions to such challenges as climate change, access to drinking water, the future of energy, fossil fuel preservation and the need for lighter materials. With operations in nearly 50 countries, about 19,000 employees, and research centers in North America, France and Asia, Arkema generates pro forma annual revenue of €7.5 billion ($9.5 billion), and holds leadership positions in all its markets with a portfolio of internationally recognized brands.

Source: Arkema

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