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artimelt at ICE 2017: to Focus on New Developments of Pressure-sensitive HMAs

Published on 2017-01-19. Author : SpecialChem

art melt

The Swiss hot melt specialist will present adhesives for safety applications and medical products at the ICE (stand 716, hall A5). Founded in 2016, artimelt is a new center of excellence that combines all the hot melt activities of Collano and nolax and can look back on 70 years of adhesives expertise.

Pressure-sensitive HMAs for Medical Applications

At the ICE, its focus will be on new developments for pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives specifically intended for self-adhesive coating of medical applications that come into direct skin contact. artimelt will also present pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives which play key role in the production of security bags, security labels, and adhesive tapes.

Security Adhesives

Adhesive systems from artimelt do more than simply bond materials. They also deliver a number of additional functions and security features. These include protection against dirt, mix-ups, tampering, and counterfeiting, as well as identification, information, communication and declaration purposes. One example is colored adhesives that afford security by highlighting their presence, e.g. in product identification, labeling and adhesive tape applications. Another is adhesives for high-tech labels that transport visible or invisible information, transmit signals and communicate with devices. Yet another is pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives with integrated color indicator for security bag closures or security labels, whose adhesive reveals signs of cold-tampering by changing color.

Balsam for Skin

Sensitive skin, such as that of babies, children and the elderly, imposes high demands on plasters, adhesive bandages, adhesive tapes, and catheter fixings. These products must adhere securely to the skin for as long as necessary and then be removed as gently, painlessly and residue-free as possible. artimelt has developed pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives for sensitive skin that meet these requirements and are environmentally friendly, biocompatible and resistant to sterilization.

Product Offers

artimelt offers a wide range of hot melts – from removable PSAs to radiation-cure systems to heat-activated adhesives. artimelt operates worldwide and serves markets for medical, label, tape, packaging, graphics, security and building applications.

About artimelt

artimelt is a specialist for hot melts. Backed by years of experience and innovative technologies, it has the expertise to guide and advise every step of the way – from development, manufacture and application of hot melts to assistance with scale-ups.

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