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Availability of Flexi-Free® High-Speed Laminate Films

Published on 2010-05-28. Author : SpecialChem

CINCINNATI, OH -- Ampac Flexibles, the flexible packaging division of Ampac Packaging LLC, announces the availability of Flexi-Free® High-Speed Laminate Films. Flexi-Free High-Speed Laminate Films, signified by Flexi-Free HS, can be used in high-speed form / fill / seal machines where increased speed is critical to throughput efficiencies.

Ampac's new Flexi-Free HS Laminates heat seal at temperatures 40 degrees lower than standard laminate materials, allowing the machine operator to shorten dwell times and increase machine speed. Pouch-making speeds can typically be increased 20% or more on high-speed, horizontal form / fill / seal machines, creating greater operational efficiency. Additionally, Flexi-Free HS provides a low-temperature solution for packagers that may be handling and packaging products that are heat sensitive and should not have prolonged exposure to higher temperatures.

Ampac's innovative High-Speed Laminate technology can be applied to many types of laminations such as metalized PET, foil and clear film laminations, making the film highly versatile for various end-market applications such as pharmaceutical, personal care and consumer products. The HS technology can even be applied to Ampac's Child Resistant CR line, stick pack application films, and pharmaceutical overwraps.

The Flexi-Free HS laminations are produced using Ampac's solventless lamination technology. A recent study completed for Ampac measured the energy efficiency improvement at the Cary, Illinois, facility by switching from solvent-based lamination (SBL) to solventless lamination (SLL). The study showed an impressive 86% improvement using SLL over SBL. This third party verification confirms a sustainable energy efficiency gain improvement for the Flexi-Free HS laminations, making them an ideal sustainable solution for packagers.

"This innovation helps our customers reduce total cost by substantially decreasing necessary dwell time to obtain required seal strengths," says Bob Flaherty, Innovation Engineer for Ampac Flexibles. "This solution increases production output and lowers the cost per unit for packager."

"Ampac is excited about our new Flexi-Free HS line of films." says Doug Andersen, Ampac's Medical & Pharmaceutical Market Development Manager. "This technology can be applied to many of our typical barrier laminations such as metalized, aluminum foil and clear films. Combined with our 10-color flexographic printing, this is an attractive product offering for our customer base."

Ampac Packaging LLC is privately held, and is owned by senior executives together with equity backing by Prudential Capital Group and Falcon Investment Advisors. It is a diversified, international, flexible packaging company with 12 manufacturing centers in North America, Europe and Asia employing approximately 1,300 people with revenues in excess of $300 million annually. In addition to products offered by Ampac Flexibles, the company is the preeminent supplier of domestic and overseas retail specialty shopping bags and security bag solutions.

Source: Ampac Packaging LLC

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