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AVEBE Invents SOLVICOL® GB to Improve the Rheology of the Adhesive Composition

Published on 2011-08-12. Author : SpecialChem

Natural starch offers a solution for making synthetic dispersions less dependent on petrol-based derivatives. AVEBE's product SOLVICOL® GB can be blended with all kinds of synthetic dispersions, replacing plasticizers and synthetic thickeners. It improves the rheology of the adhesive composition and also has a positive effect on adhesive strength due to better penetration into the substrate.

Further features are:
  • Cold water soluble
  • Short rheology structure
  • Thickening agent
  • Good visco-stability
  • Compatible with PVAc formulations
  • Food packaging approved according to FDA and BfR regulations and guidelines

Potato starch is an excellent adhesive when it comes to gluing materials such as paper and board, and to create aluminium/paper laminates. AVEBE supplies many types of potato starch adhesives directly to end users, but also to adhesive manufacturers. Formulations become 'greener' when starch is incorporated.

AVEBE products are based on starch from potatoes grown in Europe. In fact, every part of the potato is used to create products for food, feed and industrial uses. Potato starch is a biodegradable and renewable natural raw material. It is an excellent base for sustainable and renewable based technologies.

Let's think about the current and future demands of your market. What will customers be requiring from your products? AVEBE offers to work together with you to anticipate new technologies that are compatible with future requirements. AVEBE specialists are ready to help you to select or develop the right product and to implement the most effective solution in your application.

Nature invented starch, and AVEBE invented modified starches for many applications, and continues to develop new solutions. Tomorrow's world needs sustainable, safe and healthy products. AVEBE offers innovative natural solutions to match these needs.


AVEBE is the world's leading potato starch company. AVEBE creates and markets starch-based solutions for food, feed, paper, building, textiles and adhesives industries. Potato starch is a renewable resource with unique properties and a huge potential for innovation. AVEBE is dedicated to use this potential and to add value for its customers by continuously improving existing starch applications and by creating new starch ingredients to help its customers innovate their products. AVEBE operates worldwide, has production locations in the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden, and employs some 1,300 people.

Source: AVEBE

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