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AVEBE Offers Top Quality Starch Solutions for Building & Construction

Published on 2011-10-17. Author : SpecialChem

AVEBE, global leader in potato starch, presents the latest insights in the use of starch ethers for tile adhesives and plasters. Modified Starch is a major functional ingredient in the dry mortar industry. Starch ethers are added to cement based tile adhesives, wall plasters and rendering mortars. Their main function is to improve the properties of the fresh mortar. Starch ethers prevent mortar sagging and improve both workability and open time.

AVEBE's starch ether brands for dry mortar applications are CASUCOL®, OPAGEL® and SOLVITOSE®. Starch ethers are formulated within high quality dry mortars according to all EN norms. How to find the optimal formulation and reach the best results in terms of costs and performance?

Let's think about the current and future demands of your market: Do you see an increased demand for quality and easy-to-use products? Is there a need to incorporate synthetic gypsum in the recipes? AVEBE offers to work together with you on new technologies that are compatible with the future. AVEBE specialists are ready to help to select or develop the right product and to implement the most effective solution in the application.

Nature invented starch. AVEBE invented modified starches for many applications and is continuously developing new solutions. Tomorrow's world needs sustainable, safe and healthy products. AVEBE offers innovative solutions that match these needs.


AVEBE is the world's leading potato starch company. AVEBE creates and markets starch-based solutions for food, feed, paper, building, textiles and adhesives industries. Potato starch is a renewable resource with unique properties and a huge potential for innovation. AVEBE is dedicated to use this potential and to add value for its customers by continuously improving existing starch applications and by creating new starch ingredients to help its customers innovate their products. AVEBE operates worldwide, has production locations in the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden, and employs some 1,300 people.

Source: AVEBE

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