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Avery Offers Eco-tips and Products That Help the Office Become a Greener Workplace

Published on 2009-04-20. Author : SpecialChem

PASADENA, Calif. -- Avery Dennison Office Products offers eco-tips and environmentally friendly office products that can help make your office a little bit greener.

"More and more businesses are looking for simple, cost-effective ways to reduce their impact on the environment," says Darren Ferris, Director of Marketing, Dividers, at Avery Dennison. "We offer them the opportunity to make their offices more earth-friendly by integrating eco-friendly practices and green office products into the work day."

Avery provides a number of eco-friendly office solutions:
  • Avery® EcoFriendly™ Labels. These address labels, shipping labels, file folder labels and badges feature label paper and packaging made with 100% recycled material. Printed with soy- and vegetable-based inks, these labels are Processed Chlorine Free to substantially reduce the harmful substances associated with the manufacturing process. The label paper and packaging are also recyclable.
  • Avery® Recyclable Binder. This green office product is made with 100% recycled chipboard using a patented process. After use, the binder cover and rings can be separated and recycled into paper and metals recycling streams, respectively, where facilities exist.
  • Avery® File Folder Labels with TrueBlock™ Technology. Reusing existing materials is another way to create a green workplace. For instance, instead of throwing away old file folders and purchasing new ones, this product allows businesses to restore and re-label current folders. TrueBlock™ labels can be placed over existing labels or markings to give folders a clean, professional new look.
In addition, businesses can utilize the following eco-tips to help create a more sustainable, green workplace:
  • Set up a recycling station. By purchasing recycling bins for use in kitchens, break rooms or near printing stations, businesses make it easy for employees to recycle.
  • Reduce incoming junk mail. Contact the Direct Marketing Association and register with its mail preference service to reduce the amount of incoming direct mail.
  • Save energy. Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs. They can last up to 10 times longer and use about 75% less energy than regular light bulbs. Turning off lights, computers, etc., before leaving the office also helps to create a green workplace. Practice eco-tripping. Car-pooling, telecommuting and encouraging the use of hybrid vehicle rentals and environmentally friendly hotels for business trips also helps to create a green workplace.

About Avery Dennison Office Products

Avery Dennison Office Products markets products under the well-known Avery brand name and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of self-adhesive labels for laser and ink jet printers, labeling software, binders, sheet protectors, index and tab dividers and other office-, home- and school-related supplies. Avery Dennison Office Products, a business unit of Avery Dennison Corporation, is based in Brea, California.

Source: Avery Dennison Office Products

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