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BASF at Emballage 2012: to Present Epotal® Eco, 1st Compostable Water-based Adhesive & much more

Published on 2012-11-07. Author : SpecialChem

For the 4th consecutive year, BASF will participate in the Emballage fair taking place in Villepinte, Paris from the 19th to the 22nd of November 2012. With more than 90 000 international visitors, this fair is the occasion for BASF to present packaging related product materials and innovations for the packaging industry. This year, under the key message "We create chemistry for a sustainable future", BASF present - at Booth 6 B 047, Hall 6 - packaging solutions for the food and cosmetic industries.

BASF presents the following highlights:

Hexamoll® DINCH®: The alternative plasticizer giving you the highest level of safety in packaging materials. Packaging films can be used for food as well as for technical applications. So called stretch or cling films are widely used in consumer areas. BASF offers the ideal plasticizers, which turn rigid PVC into soft and flexible material and enables their use in packaging material. Many of our plasticizers meet the requirements for food packaging and can therefore be used for the production of soft PVC films that come into contact with food.

Clean and friendly functionality
Joncryl® water-based resins for functional packaging coatings
BASF developed Joncryl® products for functional packaging coatings to formulate water-based lacquers and coatings, offering substrate enhancement and packaging functionality.

BASF's Joncryl® resins are building blocks that can be formulated for many performance attributes in:
  • Flexible packaging market
  • Heat seal lacquers + print primers for the dairy, pharmaceutical and general packaging markets
  • Pre + post print primers for multiple substrates
  • Barrier coatings for medium performance MVTR and grease resistant paper and board applications.

Joncryl® ADR - High-performance additive for recycled PET Joncryl® ADR plastic additives improve the elasticity, foaming behaviour, ageing resistance and tensile strength of polyesters. They are mainly used to improve the performance of recycled PET. Joncryl® ADR makes it possible to restore the properties of the recycled PET to equal those of the virgin PET. Apart from being used to improve the mechanical properties of polymers, Joncryl® ADR additives are also used as reactive compatibilizing agent for immiscible polymers. They make it possible for stable polymer blends to be manufactured from various immiscible polycondensates.

Recycled PET from homogeneous returned PET bottles is used in the textile industry in the production of polyester fibers, in the automotive industry in the production of plastic components and in the packaging industry in the production of tape, film, bottles and packaging for foodstuffs. It also has applications in household and electrical goods and in the construction industry.

Joncryl® FLX Line - Water-based technology for medium-duty film printing BASF's continuous development efforts have resulted in new products that make the next step in water-based film printing possible. High lamination bond strengths in film structures, even comprising of PET films, can now be achieved with water-based inks that are formulated with Joncryl® FLX Line products. Our Eco-Efficiency Analysis shows that water-based ink systems have a lower environmental impact and lower life cycle costs in comparison with solvent-based ink systems.

Biodegradable plastics for food packaging Biodegradable plastic bags provide a hygienic and energy-efficient means of converting organic waste to valuable compost using industrial composting plants. BASF will be presenting shopping bags and organic waste bags made of its biodegradable plastics, ecovio® F and ecovio® FS. The new type of film, ecovio® FS, contains an even higher proportion of renewables than the established ecovio® F film type. The exhibition also shows paper cups featuring ecovio® FS Paper, the new ecovio type created specially for coating paper. With ecovio® FS Paper, conventional PE processing machines can be used to apply a thin inline coating of biodegradable film to paper in the extrusion process. The method produces drinking cups with a robust waterproof coating that is easily recycled along with the paper.

Pigments for sustainable solutions - Heliogen® Blue D 7940 As an example of its contribution to eco-friendly applications such as compostable plastic bags, BASF will present Heliogen® D 7940, a copper-free phthalocyanine pigment. In contrast to standard copper phthalocyanine pigments neither disposal of special waste is necessary nor are additional costs generated for water treatment at printing ink customers and printers. Heliogen® Blue D 7940 has a unique color shade and is characterized by high chroma and high fastness to light and weathering and is suitable for aromatic-free solvent-based inks and offset inks. It is mainly used for food packaging and labels, biodegradable bags and paper bags.

Epotal® Eco for biodegradable packaging Epotal® Eco by BASF is the first compostable water-based adhesive certified by the German Technical Inspection Agency TÜV. It is particularly suitable for the production of multi-layer films for flexible packaging such as bags for potato chips. Epotal® Eco is compatible with all commonly used biodegradable plastic films. Tests have shown that after 70 days 90 percent of the adhesive is broken down - without leaving any toxic residues and without any negative impact on the environment. This means that Epotal® Eco meets the European EN 13432 standard for biodegradable plastics and allows, for the first time, the production of fully compostable packaging. Apart from this, Epotal® Eco offers all benefits of waterbased adhesives.

Water-based adhesives: safe and efficient

BASF's water-based adhesives are an environmentally friendly and efficient alternative to solvent-based and solvent-free products: They are free from toxic components and consequently, they are particularly suitable for food packaging. In addition, multi-layer films that have been specifically produced based on these BASF adhesives can be processed immediately after lamination. This way, the adhesives help the packaging industry to save time and money.

The fascinating world of color: Aurora® special effect film

Aurora® special effect film opens up a variety of optical effects for product designers, packaging and label manufacturers. The film is high-luster with intriguing reflections and comes in a wide range of colors. Aurora® can be used for a variety of applications and in combination with a range of matrix materials such as paper and carton. The effect design options - from subtle to striking and sophisticated to playful - open up a wealth of opportunities for unusual packaging, eye-catching displays, film laminates, sachets and fanciful gift wrap. Aurora special effect film is exclusively distributed by BTC Europe GmbH. BTC is BASF's European sales organization for specialty chemicals.

Effects for printing and packaging

Those who stand out from the crowd, who create a unique character and a unique image or who position themselves distinctively, will win through. Attention to detail is crucial. Metasheen® vacuum-metallized aluminum pigment slurries complement the BASF range of effect pigments designed to offer access to new, spectacular and distinctive styling opportunities in a variety of end-user applications including flexible packaging, cosmetic packaging, beverage label printing, gift wrapping, metal can decoration and in-mold decoration inks. Metasheen products are supplied as a 10 % metal solids slurry in a range of solvents suitable for gravure and screen printing applications, ranging in shade from unique dark chrome to a clean white. Metasheen products offer ink formulators maximum flexibility in providing metallic effects to end-users and brand owners.

The BASF range of effect pigments is designed to offer access to new, spectacular and distinctive styling opportunities in a variety of end-user applications including flexible packaging, cosmetic packaging, beverage label printing, gift wrapping, metal can decoration and in-mold decoration inks.

Highlights from the portfolio:
  • Firemist® Crystal Touch combines sparkle with a pleasantness to touch which is unique and offers entirely new design options.
  • Glacier™ Frost White is the whitest pearlescent pigment in the market.
  • Lumina® Royal Blue, Lumina® Royal Aqua and Lumina® Royal Indigo create majestic luxury blue shades with high chroma and brilliancy.
Masterbatch preparations

At this year's Emballage trade fair, BASF Color Solutions is going to focus on versatile effects for the food and cosmetics packaging industry. The broad range of Sicolen® Shine allows creative approaches for the POS. Additional innovative stylings are provided by the liquid colorants known as Liqui-Kolor®, which enhance glitter and pearl effects and support efficient coloration of transparent objects as well as quick color changes. Being one of the few producers with a complete portfolio of liquid, solid and powder masterbatches as well as a vast spectrum of effects and additives, BASF Color Solutions is able to cater basically every need of their customers including trends such as biodegradability and waste reduction.


Steron® is a new, patented coating technology. Leather coated with Steron® remains permeable to air. The surface is protected and can be finished with natural-based or technical structures and colors in the very same work process. Other natural or synthetic materials can also be treated with Steron®. Practically all natural and synthetic surfaces can be created on a wide range of materials with the same permanent color effects - all the way to perfect interpretations of leather surfaces with a truly impressive look and feel. Intricate designs and quick motif changes are just as possible as visible and invisible branding. Steron® offers a new dimension of design freedom, coupled with ecological and economic advantages in the production of high quality packaging.

For the way we live today

Sustainable barrier solutions for the paper packaging industry The fast-paced lives we live today are placing ever-increasing demands on resources. Where we were once happy to simply dispose of food packaging and containers without a second thought, this behavior is no longer sustainable. The sheer numbers of people consuming these products today means that we have to create more efficient and environmental friendly packaging. This is the challenge we set ourselves in developing radical new solutions. BASF is offering tailor made barrier solutions for the packaging industry not only to keep the aroma fresh but also to protect our food against contamination through the packaging, e.g. mineral oil, benzophenone.

Engineering Plastics for food packaging by BASF:
Improved polyamide for multilayer film

BASF's Ultramid® polyamides play a vital role in modern packaging solutions. Ultramid's exceptional barrier properties in multilayer film systems help keep taste and aroma intact while protecting content from outside impacts, such as migration of oil from recycled cardboard. The new Ultramid® B SL range features an extended processing window, facilitating higher processing speeds and more efficient processing. The new types provide enhanced process reliability (lower rate of film rupture, higher run stability), higher blow-up ratio, up to 25% higher perforation resistance, and improved esthetic appeal for unoriented film (cast film, blown film). For oriented film (BOPA, shrink bags, casings), Ultramid® B SL enables reduced film thicknesses and higher shrinkage.

Multiple barrier properties in a single layer

Engineering Plastics, well-known in automotive and electronic applications, are able to offer an additional value to food packaging. The specific value of polyester grades from BASF (tradename Ultradur®) is a high barrier against many threats to the packed product in a single layer: The new easy flowing Ultradur® offers a well-balanced barrier against water vapor, oxygen and mineral oil at the same time. Its heat stability and chemical resistance make the newly developed material suitable for thin wall packaging of food and cosmetics. At the "Emballage", BASF will show first prototype cups and sealings manufactured with the new Ultradur® grade.

About BASF

BASF is amongst the world's leading chemical companies. Its portfolio ranges from chemicals, plastics, performance products and crop protection products to oil and gas. It combines economic success, social responsibility and environmental protection. Through science and innovation it enables its customers in almost all industries to meet the current and future needs of society. Its products and system solutions contribute to conserving resources, ensuring healthy food and nutrition and helping to improve the quality of life. It has summarized this contribution in our corporate objective: It creates chemistry for a sustainable future. BASF posted sales of about €73.5 billion in 2011 and had more than 111,000 employees as of the end of the year. BASF shares are traded on the stock exchanges in Frankfurt (BAS), London (BFA) and Zurich (AN).

Source: BASF

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