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BASF exhibits at the MD&M conference

Published on 2010-06-08. Author : SpecialChem

FLORHAM PARK, NJ -- BASF will showcase a broad line of plastics, adhesives, metal powder for metal injection molding and its HyGentic™ antimicrobial technology for medical device and pharmaceutical companies at the Medical Design and Manufacturing Show (MD&M), June 8-10, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York, New York.

Visitors to booth 2337 will be able to discuss their needs with BASF's experienced representatives. The company will focus on eight key products that help customers to be successful:
  • Terlux® HD (MABS) exhibits excellent transparency, high impact strength, good tensile strength and stiffness, good resistance to chemicals and environmental stress cracking, sterilizability and easy processing with outstanding surface quality.
  • Terluran® HD (ABS) provides high impact strength, good chemical and environmental stress cracking resistance, sterilizability, good processability, outstanding surface quality, excellent feel and appearance and high scratch resistance.
  • Luran® HD has good chemical resistance (fat, solvents, acids, alkalis, and salts), outstanding transparency and color brilliance, scratch resistance, sterilizability and thermal shock resistance.
  • HyGentic™ antimicrobial technology prevents bacterial growth on surfaces. HyGentic is a series of novel silver-based antimicrobials that provides excellent "built-in" broad spectrum protection against bacterial colonization on a variety of polymeric surfaces.
  • Ultrason® Polysulfone, Polyethersulfone, and Polyphenylsulfone provide the following key product features: extreme toughness, excellent resistance to superheated steam, transparency, superior chemical resistance, easy to color, dimensional stability, mechanical strength and high resistance to hydrolysis. Typical applications include, orthopedic, dental and surgical instrumentation, sterilization components, technical devices for the healthcare industry, and filter membranes for applications such as water purification, biomedical processes, and waste treatment.
  • Ultraform® PRO grades, BASF's copolymeric polyoxymethylene (POM), are semicrystalline materials. They can withstand mechanical stress very well and thus lend themselves for functional parts, such as springs, transmission and connecting elements. Their good hydrolysis resistance and dimensional stability at elevated temperatures ensures that components made of Ultraform can also be sterilized with hot steam. Since products made of Ultraform differentiate themselves with their smooth and hard surface, it is possible to manufacture functional parts that have low frictional resistance. Moreover, since Ultraform is highly resistant to chemicals, it can go into the production of parts for valves and metering systems.
  • Oppanol® Polyisobutanol (PIB) offers excellent adhesion to the skin without irritation and is highly resistant to water penetration. Adhesive-coated medical products made with Oppanol PIBs are easy to peel from the skin, and leaves little or no sticky residue. BASF's Oppanol® PIBs are used in variety of applications such as wound care coverage, EKG patches, ostomy bags, drug delivery patch systems and medical test tube stoppers.
  • Catamold® feedstock for metal injection molding (MIM) portfolio consists of standardized grades of steel and stainless steel that ultimately yield alloys with nearly the same density and physical properties as corresponding grades of wrought metals. MIM offers enhanced quality and reduced manufacturing cost to produce metal parts with complex geometries, which makes it highly suitable for surgical instruments.

BASF's Healthcare and Diagnostics (HD) material grades, as well as Ultraform PRO, comply with relevant and required regulations in Europe, Japan and the United States for plastics in pharmaceutical and medical applications, such as Food contact compliance, EP, JP, Biocompatibility test (USP class VI, ISO 10993-5) and Drug Master Files (DMF).

In addition, BASF has launched a healthcare and diagnostic service package for the HD and Ultraform PRO grades that fulfills the specific requirements of the medical market. It includes, for example, the intention not to make any changes to the formulation, or to give three-year notice prior to changes.

Source: BASF

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