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Bayer MaterialScience AG Introduces Nanoscale Adhesive Additives

Published on 2006-02-22. Author : SpecialChem

LEVERKUSEN -- With the Dispercoll® S line of products, Bayer MaterialScience AG introduces an assortment of silica gel dispersions that are particularly suitable for the formulation of one-component aqueous adhesives. Adhesives formulated with these products are characterized above all by their high green strength, wet strength, and heat resistance. This enables manufacturers of various end products to continue processing immediately after bonding, resulting in a significant leap in productivity. Furthermore, the new additives impart aqueous adhesives with a longer open time and thus ensure a longer processing.

One-component aqueous adhesives formulated with silica gel dispersions of the Dispercoll® S line of products are characterized by their high green strength. This enables manufacturers of various end products to continue processing immediately after bonding, resulting in a significant leap in productivity.

Dispercoll® S products are particularly advantageous in formulating aqueous adhesives with Dispercoll® C polychloroprene dispersions. In particular, adhesives formulated with products with a high hydroxyl content, such as Dispercoll® C 2325, exhibit a significantly greater heat resistance that was previously attainable only through the use of two-component technology. A combination of these raw materials is therefore the system of choice for the formulation of one-component aqueous adhesives that must withstand elevated temperatures.

These additives also offer interesting new options for the formulation of other aqueous adhesive systems, such as those based on Dispercoll® U polyurethane dispersions. The primary applications for this type of aqueous adhesives are the furniture, automotive, shoe and construction industries. There is a strong trend in these industries toward reduced-solvent, and thus more environmentally compatible, adhesive systems.

Dispercoll® S dispersions contain silicon dioxide with particles sizes between 9 and 55 nanometers, and also vary in solids content. "The desired application viscosity of the adhesives can be precisely formulated by selecting the appropriate silica gel or by combining various types. That means a broad viscosity range, from paste-like to liquid consistencies, can therefore be covered", says Dr. Mathias Matner, an expert on polychloroprene adhesive raw materials at Bayer MaterialScience. "The formulation possibilities are almost endless – highly pseudoplastic types can even be easily applied to vertical surfaces." The specific crosslinking and gelling behavior of the nanoparticles also imparts the adhesives with additional outstanding properties. In addition, formulated adhesives containing Dispercoll® S also show very good storage stability.

Source: Bayer MaterialScience AG

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