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Bayer MaterialScience' New Desmocoll® grade results in even tougher solvent adhesives

Published on 2006-04-20. Author : SpecialChem

LEVERKUSEN -- Our ancestors hit on the idea of protecting their feet with special footwear between 15,000 and 30,000 years ago. Indeed, the shoe is one of man's oldest inventions. Even though fashion aspects now take priority, one thing is clear: Without well-bonded soles, the shoes are useless. That is why Bayer MaterialScience is constantly upgrading its product portfolio for the shoe industry and has now added a new polyurethane material, Desmocoll® XP 2597, for the formulation of high-performance solvent adhesives.

The Desmocoll® range has, for several decades now, provided top-grade products for the bonding of shoe soles. With the latest development, Desmocoll® XP 2597, the company has now succeeded not only in combining the best properties of the proven polyurethane raw materials for solvent adhesives, but even in some cases in improving them.

The main advantage of the new product is its high initial bond strength at room temperature and at elevated temperatures. This was determined in the loop test, a standard testing procedure in the shoe and adhesives industry.

The initial strength of the adhesive is already so high that even the considerable recovery forces of the substrate were able to open only a relatively small loop of less than one centimeter. This is a significant advance compared with previous products. In the bonding of shoe soles, this characteristic enables the industry to achieve shorter production cycles, because the shoes can be further processed more quickly after application. 24-hour tests at 50 and 60 °C also showed an improvement in initial heat resistance and thermal stability, along with the customary good solubility and final strength that are comparable with other Desmocoll® grades.

During the product's development, value was attached exclusively to the needs of the shoe industry and adhesive manufacturers. Bayer MaterialScience offers Desmocoll® XP 2597 in various viscosities in the range of 500 to 3,100 mPas. The product is supplied in granule form.

Source: Bayer MaterialScience

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