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Green Biologics Announces Start of Commercial Shipments of Bio-chemicals

Published on 2016-12-16. Author : SpecialChem

Green Biologics, a UK industrial biotechnology and renewable specialty chemicals company, has announced the start of commercial shipments of bio-based n-butanol and acetone from its manufacturing facility in Little Falls, Minnesota.

Over the past year, Green Biologics has built a robust pipeline of domestic and export customers combined with multiple partnerships to bring its products to downstream markets. These include distribution agreements with Acme Hardesty, Nexeo Solutions, and Caldic as well as a strategic partnership with HOC Industries, a custom blender, packager and distributor of consumer and government products. The company is collaborating with other industry leaders in a range of specialty markets and applications where performance and sustainability drive value.

Environmentally-friendly Products

Green Biologics Plant
Green Biologics Starts
Commercial Shipments

The start of our first commercial facility is a critical milestone in building our position within the industry as a global renewable specialty chemicals company,” said Sean Sutcliffe, Chief Executive of Green Biologics. “We’re very proud to announce the start of shipments to key customers in high value markets and look forward to working with existing and new collaborators to bring a wide range of sustainable, environmentally-friendly products to shelves.”

USDA-certified Products

Offered as a high-performance, high purity, fully-sustainable alternative to conventional petrochemical-based commodities, Green Biologics’ specialty chemicals aim to drive value in customer applications and downstream markets ranging from specialty coatings, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal care and consumer products. Both butanol and acetone products carry the brand name BioPure™ and have received USDA BioPreferred® status. As a member of the American Chemistry Council (ACC), Green Biologics’ commercial facility is actively working towards meeting Responsible Care® standards.

Through its own manufacturing efforts and collaborations with industry partners, Green Biologics offers a wide portfolio of 100 percent bio-based products in addition to n-butanol and acetone, including high purity 100 percent bio-based isopropyl alcohol and a range of specialty esters of n-butanol, isopropanol and other biobased alcohols.

There’s a clear and urgent demand within consumer and industrial markets for more sustainable products that can deliver improved performance over traditional petro-based commodities,” said David Anderson, Global Vice President of Marketing for Green Biologics. “We’re meeting this need by creating high-value, performance-driven specialty chemicals and formulated products, all sourced from the chemicals produced at our commercial facility, and continuing to work in collaboration with industry leaders who share our vision.

The Little Falls, Minnesota plant was purchased in December 2014 through the acquisition of assets from the Central MN Ethanol Cooperative LLC (CMEC). Green Biologics re-named the site Central MN Renewables (CMR) and commenced construction on its renewable chemicals facility in September 2015. The 21 million gallon-per year ethanol plant was retrofitted with Green Biologics’ proprietary advanced fermentation technology to produce bio-based n-butanol and acetone. Production is expected to ramp up to full capacity over the next twelve to eighteen months.

About Green Biologics

Green Biologics Ltd (GBL) is a renewable chemicals company based in Abingdon, England with a wholly owned U.S. operating company, Green Biologics Inc., based in Ashland, Virginia. GBL’s Clostridium fermentation platform converts a wide range of sustainable feedstocks into high performance green chemicals such as n butanol, acetone, and through chemical synthesis, derivatives of butanol and acetone used by a growing global consumer and industrial products customer base.

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