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Bluestar Silicones Launches A New Range of Products for Solar Applications

Published on 2010-04-09. Author : SpecialChem

Bluestar Silicones is launching a new range of silicone products which will increase the efficiency and longevity of solar modules by extending their resistance to weather erosion under conditions where performance must be constant for at least 25 years!

This new range includes mono and bi-component silicone elastomers (RTV 1 & 2) designed for sticking and sealing the frame and junction box as well as bi-component products designed for the encapsulation of components in the junction box and of photovoltaic cells. The range, specifically adapted to the assembly of solar modules, includes high performance products, such as high performance adhesives on multiple substrates used by the profession, encapsulation agents with dielectric and exceptional fire resistance characteristics and transparent encapsulation agents for photovoltaic cells with very high levels of optical transmittance.

CAF 530, the star of the new solar range

Solar modules demand high performance of their components. The high performance Bluestar Silicones CAF® 530 adhesive guarantees long term sticking and sealing of the solar module providing long-life protection of the photovoltaic cells and associated connections against humidity, the main cause of efficiency troughs in modules over time. Because of its very high degree of elasticity, the CAF 530 adhesive resists and absorbs differential dilations of the assembled materials. The use of CAF 530 delivers in particular reliable, long-life adhesion between the junction box and the rear panel of the solar module.

For over 30 years, the Technical Service teams have been providing expertise to Bluestar Silicones customers in very demanding markets (Aeronautics, Automobive, Household Appliances, Solar, etc.). This high skill level comes into play with the performance evaluation tests of our products and assistance in the design of our customer's parts using our silicone solutions. Bluestar Silicones can also produce prototype equipment series for its clients or in close collaboration with equipment suppliers, thus providing a service to match the very high demands of the solar industry.

The development of this new range illustrates Bluestar Group's determination to become a major sustainable development actor. This commitment is one of the four company values of Bluestar Silicones. Since it was founded a quarter of a century ago, The Bluestar Group has always paid particular attention to protecting the environment. The invention of specific membranes to allow the filtering of waste water was indeed at the origin of the creation of the group in 1984.

Created in 2007 with the acquisition of Rhodia Silicones by China National BlueStar Limited, Bluestar Silicones is a global supplier of silicones with a turnover of €600 million and manufacturing sites in all regions of the world. Bluestar Silicones is one of the world's leading manufacturers of completely integrated silicones. With 180 researchers and over 50 years' experience in silicones, Bluestar Silicones offers a complete range of silicone products in the fields of release coatings, specialty elastomers, health products, specialty fluids, emulsions and resins

Source: Bluestar Silicones

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