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Boiling Point to Introduce Purdue Adhesive to Medical Industry

Published on 2015-02-18. Author : SpecialChem

NEW ALBANY, Ind. - Boiling Point LLC, which established a partnership with Purdue Foundry and Purdue Technology Center of Southeast Indiana to commercialize Purdue University innovations, has optioned an adhesive technology developed by a Purdue chemist.

President and CEO Michael Pattison said the option allows Boiling Point to market the technology to prospective licensees including commercial adhesive manufacturers, biomedical companies and startups.

"Boiling Point is aggressively introducing the adhesive and its unique properties to the commercial and medical industries," he said. "Our goal is to find existing companies or create new companies that have a variety of needs for this adhesive. We will negotiate with those companies to create licensing deals, taking the quickest path to market."

The adhesive technology was developed by Jonathan Wilker, professor in Purdue's Department of Chemistry. It synthetically mimics the adhesives produced by saltwater mussels to affix themselves to boats and rocks.

"Jonathan's adhesive glues, sets up and bonds underwater, which is exciting for both commercial applications and medical applications because long-term adherence in wet conditions is a challenge in this industry," Pattison said.

About Boiling Point LLC
Boiling Point will commercialize life-changing innovations and intellectual property (IP) developed at Purdue University, in order to positively affect our global society. Our aggressive approach in seeking a match for your idea is our driving force. It is what we do. We connect the dots. Boiling Point mediates between the buyer and seller of IP and manages the many steps in the process of creating a deal with regard to the purchase, sale, license or marketing of intellectual property assets. This may include patents, trademarks or inventions (prototypes).

About Purdue Research Foundation
The Purdue Research Foundation is a private, nonprofit foundation created to advance the mission of Purdue University. The foundation manages the Purdue Foundry, Office of Technology Commercialization, Purdue Research Park and Purdue Technology Centers. The foundation received the 2014 Incubator Network of the Year from the National Business Incubation Association for its work in entrepreneurship and strong business support system.

Source: Purdue

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