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BONDEXPO 2009: WACKER Presents UV-Active Silicone Rubbers for the Adhesives and Sealants Industry

Published on 2009-07-14. Author : SpecialChem

Munich -- Munich-based chemical Group WACKER will be exhibiting a selection of its specially formulated silicone products for the adhesives and sealants industry at BONDexpo 2009. The focus will be on the new SEMICOSIL® UV. This is a room-temperature-curing silicone rubber which only crosslinks after irradiation with UV light. SEMICOSIL® UV cures within minutes, allowing rapid, economic potting of electronic components, circuit boards and photovoltaic components. WACKER will also be presenting a new food-grade silicone adhesive and a transparent silicone gel for sensitive electronic parts and the difficult bonding of glass. BONDexpo 2009 runs from September 21 to 24 in Stuttgart.

SEMICOSIL® UV is an easy-to-manage one- and two-component UV-active system based on polyorganosiloxanes. It is characterized by a long shelf life and rapid processing. SEMICOSIL® UV does not release any by-products as it cures - this property is highly desirable for potting electronic components.

The 10x10x10 rule of thumb for SEMICOSIL® UV In addition, the product offers processors maximum flexibility. The curing rate can be accurately controlled by appropriate selection of the elastomer, UV dose and process temperature. This can be summed up by the 10x10x10 rule of thumb for SEMICOSIL® UV: irradiate with UV for ten seconds, then allow to cure for ten minutes, to produce a silicone sealing that withstands a ten-kilogram load on an area of 4 cm2.

Even at room temperature, SEMICOSIL® UV boasts very short activation and curing times. In consequence, cycle times for coating electronic components can be drastically reduced. This not only boosts productivity, but also lowers energy and production costs, especially for large components. SEMICOSIL® UV is particularly suitable for key markets of the future - from automotive and power electronics to sensor technology through to photovoltaics.

New food-grade silicone adhesive ELASTOSIL® E 43 N

ELASTOSIL® E 43 is globally accepted as the standard adhesive for all kinds of technical bonding. The self-leveling silicone elastomer is characterized by moderate flowability, mechanical strength and excellent adhesive power. With its useful range of properties, ELASTOSIL® E 43 can be used in a diverse range of applications: in electronics and medical technology, household appliances and the textile industry. The adhesive is moreover suitable for bonding vulcanized polymer/metal parts.

At BONDexpo, WACKER will also be presenting a new food-grade version of this extremely successful general-purpose adhesive. ELASTOSIL® E 43 N has the same properties and characteristics as ELASTOSIL® E 43 but, thanks to its modified formulation, can also be used in food applications. The silicone adhesive, which meets the recommendations of the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) and the FDA, is suitable for direct contact with foods.

Plasticizer-free, transparent silicone gel: WACKER SilGel® 612

Also at BONDexpo, WACKER will be presenting the silicone gel SilGel® 612. This is an addition-curing silicone elastomer that vulcanizes at room temperature to yield a transparent, plasticizer-free gel. The gel crosslinks on the component to produce a permanently elastic silicone layer, which provides electronic components with very effective protection against environmental influences. Since WACKER SilGel® 612 has a very low Young's modulus, it is ideal for potting very sensitive devices, such as bonded integrated circuits (ICs). Fragile devices can be protected against damage even under severe temperature cycling.

WACKER SilGel® 612 provides reliable moisture and corrosion protection for sensitive microelectronic components, such as solar cells, sensors and electronic devices in car electronics modules, high-performance rectifiers and optoelectronic applications. WACKER SilGel® 612 can be applied in automated mixing and metering equipment, and so is ideal for mass production.

A further application area for WACKER SilGel® 612 is the difficult bonding of industrial and art glass. In contrast to other adhesives, WACKER SilGel® 612 does not require pre-treatment of glass surfaces. The silicone gel bonds simply by adhesion. It is therefore ideal for the bonding of art glass, which often has irregular surfaces. WACKER SilGel® 612 is transparent, does not yellow and is highly weather- and heat-resistant.

Visit WACKER and DRAWIN Vertriebs-GmbH, distributor for ELASTOSIL® sealants and adhesives and for coating and potting compounds, at BONDexpo 2009, booth 7419 in hall 7.

Source: Wacker

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