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Bostik Appoints Jim Downing, Product Manager-Contruction Adhesives & Sealants

Published on 2006-02-24. Author : SpecialChem

MIDDLETON, MASS. -- Bostik Inc.'s Construction & Distribution (C&D) Division is pleased to announce the appointment of polymer industry veteran Jim Downing as Product Manager – Construction Adhesives & Sealants.

"Having spent the past 10 years with 3M specializing in high-performance polymers, in a broad spectrum of positions such as Quality, Engineering, and Technical Sales, Jim Downing possesses the experience required to take Bostik C&D Division's construction adhesives' and sealants' development, technical service and sales to new world-class levels," said Igor LeClere, Marketing Manager – Bostik C&D Division.

Holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry/Chemistry from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and a Masters of Science degree in Chemical Engineering/Polymer Science from Rowan University in Glassboro, N.J., Downing said Bostik's rock-solid industry reputation and growing leadership position were major factors in his decision to come aboard the C&D Division.

"It's no secret that Bostik as a whole and its C&D Division in particular have been on the uptick for years - and it certainly doesn't hurt that we're in the middle of a major home building and home improvement boom," Downing said.

"We at Bostik have best-in-class adhesive and sealant technologies," Downing said. "One of my top priorities in the coming months will be to work more closely with our talented R&D team to roll out a record number of new, application-specific Residential construction adhesives and sealants while continuing to grow our Bostik® Chem-Calk® commercial flagship brand.

"Today's ever-changing building materials demand a more highly-specified, application-specific product line; many of yesterday's sealants are simply obsolete relative to these materials," Downing said. "With this in mind, we've already developed one highly differentiated Bostik® Home® application-specific residential adhesive, and three unique Bostik® Home® sealants - and that's just the start. 2006 is going to be a great year for Bostik's C&D Division and our valued, growing family of distributors and contractors.

"With innovative adhesive and sealant technologies that continue to push the performance envelope and a commitment to building the Bostik Home brand and existing Bostik lines, we're poised to take our market positioning to an unprecedented level," Downing said.

Source: Bostik Inc.

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