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Bostik Brand to Fly in the Sky

Published on 2015-06-23. Author : SpecialChem

Bostik Takes Its Brand to the Skies
Fig. 1: Bostik Takes Its Brand to the Skies

PARIS, France -- For the first time in France, a Boeing 737-800 from the fleet of Air France-KLM subsidiary, Transavia, features a unique livery and logo which will promote Bostik's new branding and identity across Europe. This unique contract between two French companies with international ambitions and operations highlights the expertise of Bostik, a specialist in adhesives for aerospace applications.

Making the Bostik brand fly
With a 250 square-meter airborne display of its new graphic identity, Bostik has people talking and has demonstrated that when it comes to performance, the sky's the limit. The international manufacturer of adhesives for the industrial, construction and consumer markets unveiled the re-branded Boeing 737-800 airplane during a press conference at Orly airport in advance of the aircraft's maiden flight.

Bostik and its parent company, Arkema, will use this high-profile Europe-wide campaign to promote their expertise in the adhesives and materials used by aircraft manufacturers which are designed to meet the industry's exacting specifications.

Top-flight innovation from a leader in adhesives

As a partner to the aerospace industry since 1954, Bostik has developed numerous adhesive solutions designed specifically for aircraft applications. Although invisible to passengers, these high-technology products play a critical role in safety and comfort, helping to ease cabin vibration during take-off and landing and reducing noise throughout the flight. Bostik became a member the Arkema family in early 2015. Together, the two companies offer a broad array of products for the aerospace industry, including innovative solutions to join difficult materials, strengthen others and reduce aircraft weight.

"Making materials more lightweight is an integral part of our research and development strategy," notes Bernard Pinatel, Arkema Vice President of High Performance Materials and Bostik Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "This is a critical challenge in the years ahead in the drive to build even stronger and lighter aircraft, both in response to manufacturers' needs and to reduce atmospheric emissions and noise pollution. As France prepares to host the COP21 climate conference in just a few months, we felt that it was important to re-emphasize our strategy and R&D efforts in this area."

Brand awareness gets a lift

Thanks to this 250 square-meter flying advertisement, Bostik expects to raise its brand awareness among consumers to support its shelf presence in DIY superstores throughout Europe. The campaign also offers an opportunity to present Bostik's new visual identity in a uniform way across borders.

The "Bostik airplane" will fly to 47 destinations in Europe in 20 different countries until the end of November 2015, making two round-trip flights per day. In all, 145,000 passengers will travel on the Bostik airplane over the next six months and millions of others will have a chance to admire it at Orly Sud, its main hub, and during layovers.

About Bostik, an Arkema company
Bostik became a member of Arkema in February 2015 and accounts for 25% of the Group's business. Bostik is a leading global adhesive specialist in industrial manufacturing, construction and consumer markets. For more than 125 years, Bostik has been developing innovative adhesive solutions that are smarter and more adaptive to the forces that shape our daily lives. From cradle to office and from home to worksite, Bostik's smart adhesives can be found everywhere. With 2014 sales of €1.5 billion, the company employs 4,900 people and has a presence in more than fifty countries.

Source: Bostik


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