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Bostik Flooring Unveils Vapor-Lock, Wood Flooring Solution

Published on 2010-11-12. Author : SpecialChem

Middleton, Mass. -- Bostik's Flooring Group is pleased to unveil a revolutionary wood flooring solution - Vapor-Lock™ urethane adhesive: A multi-functional, contactor-friendly formulation that doubles as a vapor-retarding membrane and works with the full gamut of glue-down wood types, as well as tile, marble and stone inlays.

Vapor-Lock is a one-part, trowel-applied formulation that delivers rapid tacking and superior bonds to all engineered, solid, acrylic impregnated, cork, parquet and bamboo flooring recommended by hardwood flooring manufacturers for glue-down applications. Bostik's versatile Vapor-Lock also can be used to install plywood, as well as ceramic tile, marble and stone inlays for light commercial and residential applications.

The new urethane-based technology is easier to spread and clean up than competitive products and offers moisture vapor control.

"Vapor-Lock is a game-changing adhesive that gives flooring professionals a new tool to complete jobs more quickly and effectively," says Phil Pitts, Vapor-Lock product manager. "Vapor-Lock is designed for, and exceeds the requirements of, nearly all glue-down wood flooring applications, as well as all substrates common to the wood flooring market."

"Many companies offer adhesives/vapor retarders, but they're only recommended for dimensionally stable, engineered floors. They are not for use below grade and do not bridge cracks. Bostik's versatile Vapor-Lock is in a class of its own; it is not confined by common application restrictions," Pitts adds.

Game Changer

Vapor-Lock is an extremely low permeability, moisture-cure urethane adhesive/vapor-retarding membrane that:
  • Is virtually odorless;
  • Has 0% volatile organic compounds (VOCs);
  • Offers a tenacious waterproof bond to a variety of substrates;
  • Is not adversely affected by exposure to moisture, water or alkalinity; and
  • Can create a vapor-retarding membrane designed to reduce moderate amounts of moisture vapor transmission from subfloors and bridge cracks that can occur in substrates prior to, or after, installation (up to 1/8-inch).

Vapor-Lock does not require a proprietary trowel or blade for every pail of adhesive. It is user friendly and straightforward. And its ease of use means there is zero chance of wearing out trowels or facing insufficient adhesive coverage.

"There are no products like this on the market," Pitts says. "Vapor-Lock is the perfect complement to the company's market-leading Bostik's Best™ urethane adhesive."

Contractor & Environmentally Friendly

Vapor-Lock cures by exposure to moisture in flooring and the air. As it cures, the only reaction byproduct is carbon dioxide - just like when humans and animals exhale.

Several competitive technologies are based on reactive chemistries that emit methyl alcohol, rather than CO2, as a reaction byproduct. Methyl alcohol is toxic and often creates an objectionable odor in occupied buildings. Vapor-Lock eliminates these concerns.

Vapor-Lock joins Bostik's Green Products Initiative - the company's commitment to providing a full line-up of solutions for leading professionals looking to meet green standards.

Bostik's Green Products Initiative involves everything from the company's R&D department to keeping up with organizations such as the U.S. Green Building Council.

Vapor-Lock is eligible for USGBC LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credit 4.1 for Low Emitting Materials Volatile Organic Compound (VOC): 0% g/L.

The new adhesive also contains Bostik's Blockade™, an antimicrobial protection that inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold or mildew on the surface of the dried adhesive.

"Many developers and homeowners are sensitive to mold issues," Pitts says. "Blockade prevents mold from growing on the cured adhesive. It's a great option for any construction project that needs to pay particular attention to mold."

In addition to being mold resistant and easier to apply than traditional urethane adhesives, Vapor-Lock, like the rest of Bostik's line, does not damage or etch factory-applied polyurethane finishes. "Besides doubling as a vapor retarder, Vapor-Lock also has sound-reduction properties similar to ?inch cork underlayments - yet another great value for contractors," Pitts adds.

About Bostik Inc.

Bostik Inc. is one of the largest manufacturers of adhesives and sealants in the world. The company operates production facilities and sales offices in dozens of nations across five continents. Bostik's parent company, TOTAL S.A., is a $160 billion-a-year conglomerate with 96,000 employees and extensive interests in oil exploration, petroleum refining and specialty chemicals formulation. Bostik's Construction & Consumer Division manufactures ceramic tile grouts, mortars, waterproofing/antifracture membranes and mastics, hardwood adhesives, moisture vapor membranes, underlayments and cement patches, as well as adhesives for carpet and vinyl, vinyl composition tile (VCT), rubber, laminate and resilient flooring. Bostik C&C's family of leading flooring installation solutions includes Bostik® hardwood adhesives; Hydroment® and DURABOND® ceramic installation systems; and DURABOND carpet,vinyl and cement patch products.

Source:Bostik Inc

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