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Break Through in Wood Sealing Technology from SEI Chemical Producers higher level of Water Repellency & UV Protection on Decks

Published on 2007-11-27. Author : SpecialChem

LOS ANGELES, CA -- A novel nanotechnological wood sealing product from SEI Chemical, available in natural and tinted formulations, promises commercial and consumer users a higher degree of water repellency, faster surface dry times and long-term performance at price points comparable to generic house paint. The product features a new water preventative technology utilizing a nanoparticulate that does not allow moisture to hold a wet edge. This allows the coating to dry up to 3 times faster than beading silicone based treatments, which extends the coatings life span.

The SCS-100 Wood Deck Sealer penetrates and chemically bonds to organic and inorganic materials. It builds a durable film but the film uniquely breathes. This breakthrough in sealing technology leaves a permeable film that incorporates a nano-particulate that increases penetration, durability, bonding and longevity. This water-based, user safe and easy-to-apply sealer cleans up with soap and water. This series of sealer products is in compliance with V.O.C. requirements under Consumer Products regulations in all 50 states.

A film forming, but breathable, resin offers a unique system that enables it to be applied to wet as well as dry substrates. The coatings nano-particulate penetrates the cell walls at the molecular level and chemically seals the cellulose chain. Moreover, once the sealer dries, the film will not allow moisture to bead. Water beading causes magnified UV degradation and allows enhanced contact time of environmental contaminants in rain water. This threatens the film integrity and drastically shortens the life span of the coating. SCS-100's water sheeting properties increase surface dry times up to 3 times as fast as water-beading sealers. Water sheeting imparts far less sealer degradation for enhanced durability and life-span. The result is a premium and easy-to-apply exterior wood finish that delivers high-end and economical long-term performance.

Available in a natural and tan flat finish, coverage is up 200-400 square feet per gallon depending on the porosity of the substrate. Coatings can be applied with by brush, roller or spray.

SEI Chemical, with offices and facilities in Northridge and Los Angeles CA, and sales worldwide, SEI has earned its way to become a global leader in the fields of anti-stick, anti-microbial, anti-corrosion and industrial and consumer coating technologies. The firm also synthesizes and formulates resins systems, coupling agents, curing agents, sealants and building restoration products.

Source: SEI Chemical

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