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CECA Displays Alkoxylates Product Range for PUR Industry at UTECH 2012

Published on 2012-04-18. Author : SpecialChem

CECA participates in UTECH 2012 exhibition and showcases two of its products used in the polyurethane industry: its alkoxylate additives as well as its molecular sieves.

With over 100 exhibitors and 90 technical conferences, UTECH Europe, the international reference tradeshow for the polyurethane industry, offers a unique opportunity to learn about the latest advances in the global polyurethane technology.

The Alkoxylate surfactants of CECA improve PU properties and their molecular sieves trap moisture.

Participating for the first time to UTECH trade fair, CECA presents Alkoxylates products range coming from the acquisition from SEPPIC made on 1st January 2012. These Polyols are produced in Antwerpen plant and marketed under the brands Dianol® and Simulsol™. The Dianol® range references are used to improve adhesion properties, as well as temperature and hydrolysis resistance in polyurethane systems. Products from the Simulsol™ range are used as strong crosslinkers agents.

With 40 years' experience in molecular sieves, CECA also offers the polyurethane market a wide range of products to address various problems related to the presence of water in one- and two-component polyurethane systems. Marketed under the tradename Siliporite®, molecular sieves are excellent moisture traps and dessicants, used to prevent surface defects and extend the pot-life of polyurethane systems.

Polyurethane, often described as the "hidden polymer", has never been more widely used than now. Its wide-ranging applications include automotive, aerospace, construction, furniture and fixtures, bedding, electricity, textile, mining and oil platforms, pipes and pipelines, refrigeration and insulation, as well as specialized surgical and medical equipment.

About CECA

CECA, a subsidiary of the Arkema Group, is a world player in Specialty Chemicals. CECA constantly strives to improve its customers' performance by creating and developing adsorbents, chemical intermediates, and additives. CECA operates an extensive network of industrial facilities, together with two research centres (GRL and CRRA) dedicated to Customer innovation.

Source: CECA

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