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Celanese to Exhibit VAE & PVAc Emulsions for Use in Industrial Adhesives at PAINTINDIA 2014

Published on 2014-03-06. Author : SpecialChem

IRVING, TX -- Celanese Corporation, a global technology and specialty materials company and one of the global leaders in VAE emulsions, invites attendees of the PAINTINDIA 2014 exhibition to learn more about solutions for coatings and adhesives applications.

"Attendees will discover that Celanese offers a broad range of raw materials for use in both the coatings and adhesives industries," said Harish Badami, Managing Director of Celanese India. "Celanese unveiled our new brand last year - The chemistry inside innovation - to highlight our application based solutions. In India, the company will showcase a wide variety of products including vinyl acetate ethylene (VAE) emulsions, PVAc emulsions, acrylic emulsions, vinyl acetate monomer (VAM) and solvents for use in these two core industries."

Solutions for Industrial Adhesives

Celanese offers a range of emulsions for use in industrial adhesives for paper packaging and converting as well as for use in woodworking. Celvolit® VAE emulsions are widely used in the paper packaging adhesive space due to their low odor and low residual monomer levels, making them the emulsion of choice for food packaging, tobacco production and cartons. They also offer ease of formulation and good machinability. Celanese VAE and PVAc emulsions are also offered for use to create general wood glues and D3 water resistance wood adhesives.

Solutions for Architectural Paints

Celanese will display its EcoVAE® line of vinyl acetate ethylene (VAE) emulsions for use in low odor, low VOC (volatile organic compounds) interior decorative paints.

"For decades, Celanese has assisted paint formulators across Europe in reducing VOCs and consequently the unpleasant odor of interior paints, making a more consumer-friendly product. Today, it is globally understood that VAE emulsions are an easy way to attain these key attributes while also achieving a high level of technical performance," said Anna An, Asian regional commercial director.

Solutions for Automotive Paints

Celanese Polysolvan® O solvent will be highlighted for use in automotive paints. Because of its very low volatility, Polysolvan O is used chiefly as a paint additive in the form of a highly effective flow agent.

Celanese sales, marketing and technical specialists from India, Europe and China will be available throughout the exhibition to answer any questions regarding EcoVAE emulsions or the company’s other offerings.

About Celanese

Celanese Corporation is one of the global technology leaders in the production of differentiated chemistry solutions and specialty materials used in most major industries and consumer applications. With sales almost equally divided between North America, Europe and Asia, the company uses the full breadth of its global chemistry, technology and business expertise to create value for customers and the corporation. Celanese partners with customers to solve their most critical needs while making a positive impact on its communities and the world. Based in Dallas, Texas, Celanese employs approximately 7,400 employees worldwide and had 2013 net sales of $6.5 billion.

Source: Celanese

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