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Celebrating the 30th Anniversary, Post-it Brand from 3M Proves It Has ‘Sticking’ Power

Published on 2010-04-23. Author : SpecialChem

ST. PAUL, Minn. -- The days of big-hair rock bands, VHS tapes and the "Brat Pack" may be long gone, but there is one invention from the 1980s that has flourished with the test of time - the Post-it Note from 3M Company. Since the original Canary Yellow Post-it Note hit store shelves in 1980, the conveniently sticky, 3x3 squares have become a ubiquitous mainstay in offices, homes, schools and everywhere in between. From a buzzed-about breakup on "Sex and the City" to an 18-story billboard in Times Square comprised of more than 75,000 Post-it Super Sticky Notes, the list of endless uses and versatile applications for Post-it Products continues to grow with 3M's forward-thinking team of innovation experts, designers and engineers.

"The Post-it Brand has always been about making communication and organization easier" While silver screen darlings Romy and Michele from the popular film, "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion" unsuccessfully tried to stake their claim on this bold invention that revolutionized communication, the real adhesive experts at 3M Company spent the past 30 years perfecting the iconic organization tool. What started as a simple Canary Yellow note has now been transformed by the innovators at 3M Company into a multi-faceted collection of more than 1,000 products and tools designed to make organization and communication more seamless, convenient, stylish and sustainable. Advancements such as the Post-it Super Sticky Note, developed in 2003 to securely adhere to vertical surfaces, have extended the Post-it Brand's reach beyond the office to the home and into other new 'note'-worthy territories as people take organization on-the-go.

Today, Post-it Products are sold in more than 150 countries in a vast array of fun and functional colors, styles and sizes, including Post-it Printed Notes, Post-it Pop-Up Notes and Dispensers, Post-it Flags & Tabs, Post-it Easel Pads, Post-it Flag+ Writing Tools, Post-it Labels and more.

"The Post-it Brand has always been about making communication and organization easier," said William Smith, vice president and general manager, 3M Office Supplies Division. "By demonstrating product versatility and a commitment to contemporary consumers' concerns, such as sustainability, the Post-it brand continues to introduce new and innovative solutions to the world as we celebrate our 30th anniversary. We hear on a daily basis from many people that life without these iconic products is simply unimaginable."

During this past year, the Post-it Brand further demonstrated its vast capabilities with introductions into the labels and crafting categories. Post-it Removable Label Pads feature a fully adhesive back that sticks securely to nearly all surfaces and removes cleanly, aiding organizational needs as they develop and change. Specifically geared toward the craft market, Post-it Craft Paper allows scrapbooking pros and beginners alike to create fast, easy, "no mess" masterpieces.

Committed to propelling the Post-it Brand along a continuum of product enhancing initiatives that address the needs of today's consumers, 3M has integrated sustainable measures into a variety of Post-it Product categories as well, including its Recycled, Super Sticky, Pop-Up and Easel Pad lines. 2010 also marks the launch of the Post-it Brand's latest - and greenest - addition to its product line, the Post-it Greener Note, which is engineered with a unique plant-based adhesive and 100% recycled paper.

From computer screens to the big screen, the Museum of Modern Art and YouTube, office desks and bathroom mirrors, Post-it Notes have become ingrained in the way people communicate, organize and express themselves around the globe. With even bigger and bolder innovations on the horizon, there's no telling where you may see Post-it Notes 'sticking' next.

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