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Ceresana Research Presents Report on Adhesives Market

Published on 2011-03-30. Author : SpecialChem

Adhesives secure tiny electronic components as well as huge wind turbines. They hold both car bodies and trains together. Modern adhesives almost do wonders. "Adhesive bonding has become a key technology in many industrial sectors," says Oliver Kutsch, CEO of Ceresana Research. The market research institute has scrutinized the European adhesive market from top to bottom.

A Real Growth Industry

Germany accounts for about 18.5% of all demand for adhesives in Europe, followed by France, Italy, and the UK. However, the highest growth rates are seen in Russia, Poland, and Turkey. Ceresana Research expects the European adhesives revenue will rise to €8.25 billion by 2017. In Western Europe, the demand for adhesives is especially growing in Germany, Finland, and Sweden.

No House Without Adhesives

Paper, packaging, and the construction industry are the most important fields of application. New constructions and publicly financed infrastructure projects play an essential role for the demand for adhesives in the construction industry. Due to EU subsidies, this effect can be felt more clearly in Eastern than in Western Europe. An ongoing trend is the enhancement of energy efficiency and a reduction in the CO2 emissions: Adhesives are increasingly needed for the renovation of buildings.

More Environmentally Friendly Projects

Ceresana Research anticipates that the demand for adhesives in medical engineering and the automobile and electronics industry will see growth rates of 2.7% to 3.8%. Especially manufacturers of acrylate adhesives, which are needed for cars and rail vehicles, are profiting from the industry's good economic development. The same applies to epoxy resin adhesives that are additionally used in aircraft construction. Radiation curing adhesives are expected to record considerable growth in the electrical and electronics industry. In general, environmentally friendly adhesives are gaining importance.

Detailed Market Report

The practice-oriented study of Ceresana Research gives a concise overview of the different types of adhesives and offers an analysis of the adhesive market in 31 European countries. The report analyzes the most important fields of application individually, such as wood processing, the automotive industry, shoes and leather, but also technical textiles, sports articles, toys, and medical applications. The useful index of manufacturers in Volume II provides 199 profiles of adhesive producers from 28 countries. The report, available in English or German, forecasts market opportunities and risks until 2017:

About Ceresana Research

Ceresana Research is one of the world's leading industrial market research institutions. Companies, institutions, and associations from more than 45 countries have already profited from our global market data and well-founded prognoses. Our core competencies include chemicals + plastics + additives + commodities + materials + industrial components + packaging + construction materials.

Source: Ceresana Research

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