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Chemence Introduces KRYLEX®, Comprising High-performance Cynaoacrylates, Threadlockers and more

Published on 2012-03-26. Author : SpecialChem

Chemence, one of the leading European manufacturer of adhesives and sealants, has announced the launch of KRYLEX®, a new industrial range of adhesives and sealants, in the UK and Ireland.

The KRYLEX® brand, comprising high-performance cynaoacrylates, threadlockers, pipe sealants, gasket makers, retainers, acrylics, UV curing products, activators and primers, meets the needs of today’s engineers and manufacturers.

The KRYLEX® range has been developed specifically for industry, setting new standards of performance for markets as diverse as construction, automotive, transportation, medical, gas distribution and electronics to name but a few.

Manufactured, packaged and supplied directly from modern production facilities based in England, KRYLEX® provides the adhesive of choice for automated manufacturing, low and high volume applications, product assembly and maintenance (MRO).

By developing its own range of adhesives, Chemence offers industry professionals worldwide with reliable and high-performance products that enhance productivity, decrease machinery downtime and improve performance.

"Chemence has been supplying some of the biggest manufacturers, retailers, component suppliers, OEM and distributors with highly-recognised brands such as SetFast, Kwik-fix, SealFast and MitreMate for nearly 30 years. By adding KRYLEX® to our extensive and high-quality list of products, we are bringing a competitive alternative to the adhesive and sealant market and a solution to reducing manufacturing processes, components and costs," comments Ian Lancey, Sales Director.

He adds "Following on from today’s launch, we are planning to expand across Europe over the coming months. With our large production facilities, we are able to supply our customers worldwide with high-specification products that will meet most bonding and sealing requirements."

About Chemence

Chemence is a leading European manufacturer of high-quality adhesives and sealants supplying a wide variety of sectors. Chemence's extensive range comprises of high-performance instant adhesive (cyanoacrylate), anaerobic threadlocker, pipe sealant, retainer, gasket maker, acrylic, photopolymer and UV curing products.

Source: Chemence

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