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Chemetall Unveils Application Nozzles for Fast and Reproducible Sealing Operations

Published on 2017-04-10. Author : SpecialChem

Frankfurt a.M./ Germany. New Providence NJ/USA -- Chemetall, a leading global surface treatment supplier and a global business unit of BASF’s Coatings division, has introduced Jurblami® application nozzles for high-quality, fast and reproducible sealing operations. The innovative nozzles allow manufacturers to significantly reduce the time required to apply the sealant to the rivets on fuel tanks and fuselages.

application nozzles

Multi-purpose Aircraft Sealants

The specially shaped nozzles are ideally suited for the application of Chemetall’s Naftoseal® polysulphide sealants. The Naftoseal® portfolio offers a wide range of medium and low-density, chrome-free, fast-curing, multi-purpose aircraft sealants.

Multiple Benefits Offered by Jurblami® Nozzles

  • Excellent sealing quality
  • High reproducibility 
  • A significant time saving for rivet sealing.

Efficient Sealing for High Corrosion Protection

With its bell-shaped head the Jurblami® application nozzles encapsulate the rivets and nuts creating an effective mold for the sealant coating, in order to provide high corrosion protection for those parts exposed to water, corrosive oils or sudden temperature changes. As the global distributor for the Jurblami® products, Chemetall can offer the application nozzles in different sizes to fit various dimensions of nuts and rivets enabling fast and efficient sealing operations. In addition to rivet sealing the application nozzles can also be used for the sealing of drilling holes and fillets.

About Chemetall

Chemetall is a global company committed to specialty chemistry. The Group's activities focus on products and processes for the chemical treatment of metal surfaces and plastics, as well as selected fields of fine chemistry, e.g. lithium and cesium compounds. With its 2,500 employees, 40 subsidiaries and 21 production sites, Chemetall is a financially strong and fast growing company with a long-term orientation. The company’s aim is to further strengthen its quality and innovation leadership. With its own sales offices, production facilities, service teams, laboratories and warehouses at locations all around the world, Chemetall is operating in close proximity to its customers.

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Source: Chemetall
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