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Chemique’s High Quality Assembly PVAs are a Proven Bond

Published on 2010-06-30. Author : SpecialChem

Adhesives for the chair and frame assembly industry are required to be high strength but with a bond line that doesn't fracture over time. Joints need to be extremely strong, but bonded with and adhesive that is flexible enough to withstand movements not only in the expansion and contraction of the wood itself, but also the general wear and tear of the finished product.

Chemique’s High Quality Assembly PVAs are a Proven Bond

Protak 701, part of Chemique's PVA range of adhesives, is ideal for a diverse range of assembly applications. It is creep resistant but forms an elastic bond with excellent yield, ensuring the finished joint is extremely strong but also flexible.

Its high viscosity means that the adhesive does not run, ensuring neat and tidy application and minimum clean-up. Once dried, the glue line is transparent making it ideal for aesthetic bonding. Protak 701 also has a high solid content giving the adhesive good initial grab, limited absorption and a quick setting time.

"Chemique's Protak portfolio of PVA adhesives has been specially developed to meet the tough requirements of chair and frame assembly" States Clive Robson, Protak Product Manager "Protak 701 is an excellent high strength PVA and has a proven track record for many years with major producers and household retail names."

Source: Chemique

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