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ChemSpec Represents Dalton Dynamic's CHEMITAC Range of Rubber to Metal Bonding Adhesives

Published on 2017-06-08. Author : SpecialChem

ChemSpec, Ltd. represents Dalton Dynamic’s CHEMITAC® line of rubber to metal bonding adhesive products in the United States and Mexico.

The CHEMITAC line may be used as a bonding agent with elastomer polymers such as: ACM, AEM, EPDM, FKM, HNBR, IIR/BIIR, NR, PU, SBR, and many others.

The CHEMITAC lines are industrial adhesives intended to bond a diversity of substrates to raw rubber and produced using nano-grinding technology, which makes the products unique, as it allows for a more stable, finer and homogeneous product versus the competition.

Nano-grinding Technology

ChemSpec chose CHEMITAC® 80 as a product spotlight because of its many benefits to manufacturers:
  • Produced with nano-grinding technology - a more homogeneous product
  • Improved dispersion and coverage - production savings
  • Can be bonded to raw rubber such as: NR, SBR, CR, EPDM and others
  • Can be used as a single layer adhesive for KTL metal treatment
  • Can be applied to a variety of textile fibers: cotton, cellulose, polyamide, polyester and aramid
  • A heavy metals free product - good for the environment
  • Complies with ASTM D429 & European Regulations 2000/53/EC

Dalton Dynamics is 1 of 5 international subsidiaries of its parent company, Dalton Group, which is based out of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The Group’s focus is on manufacturing and marketing industrial adhesives intended to attach a diversity of substrates to raw rubber by the vulcanization process. Dalton Group also focuses on “green” chemistry and manufacturing, in that it makes preserving the environment a major priority through its “We Think Green” Corporate Culture Campaign.

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Source: ChemSpec
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